In the industry of water bottles, there has been this long standing rivalry between plastic disposable water bottles and reusable bottles. Currently, disposable plastic bottles are everywhere. You would see them in the grocery, at school, at work and even at home! For this reason, it is safe to say that disposable bottles are winning the race. However, that doesn’t make them the ideal choice. In fact, here are some reasons why reusable bottles are cooler.

  1. Reusable bottles are better looking. Face it, when it comes to looks then reusable bottles are definitely the one to choose. Reusable bottles were designed to be used for a long time which is why its appearance is meant to look better. Aesthetics matter. People always say that you eat with your eyes first and reusable bottles are definitely more appealing.
  2. Reusable bottles are more cost effective. If you buy a 4 plastic bottles every week that cost about $2 each, that would cost you about $400 every year. But if you buy a reusable bottle which costs only about $5 to $25, you would be able to save hundreds of dollars on your bottled water needs. Reusable bottles would definitely last longer than disposable ones.
  3. Reusable bottles are clutter free. Disposable bottles are known to pile up inside the house and when they do, they don’t often provide an attractive sight. When your disposable bottles pile up, you would have to take them out but with reusable bottles, you wouldn’t have to buy disposable ones that only end up making a mess in your house.
  4. Reusable bottles have built in accessories. Does you disposable bottle have a built-in straw? It doesn’t? What a shocker.
  5. Reusable bottles are stylish. Since they are meant for long-term use, reusable bottle manufacturers pay extra attention on design and style. Thus these bottles would appear in very creative styles for the people to enjoy.
  6. Reusable bottles can be given as gifts. Style and appearance coupled with convenience provides a good gift.
  7. Reusable bottles are convenient. You can basically take reusable water bottles anywhere and the best part is that they can be clipped into your bags so you can conveniently carry them wherever you may go.