Link Airport has developed good relationships with most companies and offices in Perth. The decision to book airport transfer means gaining a good impression because the client is given VIP attention. Booking a luxury car service is also a must particularly if the corporate guest comes off from a long haul flight that takes about 15 hours or more.

If a business wants to indulge its corporate clients, it must be prepared to spend serious money. For example, operating a luxury hotel can be a big challenge so that making money during better times makes sense. However, the effort to make money also means spending money so that customers will be satisfied.

Luxury hotels are now offering free Wi-Fi after years of customer complaints that it should not be an add-on service that costs about $40 a day. In an effort to gain a good impression, hotels make use of airport transfers. The cost of a hotel booked car service of run-of-the-mill sedans in places like New York, Los Angeles, Hong Kong, London or Milan ranges from $175 to $350 one-way which is definitely more than public transport through taxis or Uber and double that of third party black car operators. However, for others money is not a problem and they can certainly afford the cost of airport transfers.

Most hotels have their own cars but choose to outsource to airport transfer services because of the business relationship that has been developed through the years. For VIP clients, airport transfer service includes meeting the guest at the door of the plane when possible in order to enhance and expedite the arrival and provide the guest with a good experience.

The rule of thumb is the more chaotic the country, the more important is airport transfer because the chauffeur already knows the nuances of the area. There are also cities where taxi drivers do not have a good reputation which requires an airport transfer to be arranged for the guest. When the hotel arranges the transport of the guest, there is the advantage of earlier check-in, a likely chance of room upgrade and extra VIP attention.