Weddings are known to be expensive all over the world. There are many things to spend on such as the expensive reception venue, the catering, the dress and the littlest details such as looking for chair hire in Melbourne. How do you deal when something tragic goes wrong during your wedding day? How will you cope if the venue was covered in flood or the caterer did not show or worst, your wedding dress was damaged?

Wedding insurance are made in order for the couple to receive something in case unexpected things happen but there are also things not covered by many wedding insurance including huge sum of money, honeymoon and cold feet.

It is also common for extreme outdoor weather to not be included as well as the cost for hiring the marquee. There are insurers that would recommend for couples to buy the policy first before they pay or hire anything for the wedding.

There are some things to consider if you want to buy a wedding insurance or not. The level of insurance you are going to buy is dependent on the total cost of your wedding. You can buy as early as two year before the wedding date.

There are policies that will cover you in case you decided not to go through with the wedding but there are limits on how much they will be paying you. The reasons for cancellation must be valid though such as the venue is no longer available due to fire or flood, either of the couple passed away or a close relative, wedding outfits damaged beyond repair or lost and bad weather that almost 50 per cent of the guests will not be able to attend.

There are also insurances for suppliers that will go AWOL on you such as the florist, caterer or the wedding dress designer. The insurer will give you the money you have spent on the supplier or they will be able to cover the cost for a new supplier.

Couples planning to wed will no longer worry about hiring such as looking for chair hire in Melbourne as this will all be covered in the insurance. Make sure you know what is excluded though to save yourself from unnecessary losses.