Tesla Model X is the first all-electric sports utility vehicle released by Tesla, a transportation and energy company. However, if you will hire a limousine, the electric car will not likely be your first choice particularly if there are other luxury models to choose from. For a fleet operator in California, it makes perfect sense to update his fleet with 2 Model X’s.

Neil Spenta the CEO of American Corporate Sedan and Limousine (ACLS) was interviewed by LCT Magazine regarding his reasons for updating his fleet with all-electric cars. Spenta started his car hire business with two Town Cars and a Ford van. Last year, he added two Tesla Model S sedans and a 2016 Cadillac Escalade to his fleet. After the Model S’s were retired, they were replaced with Tesla’s Model X.

According to Spenta, Tesla’s automotive warranty was the reason why he chose the automaker. The Tesla warranty covers all commercial use with an 8-year unlimited warranty on the power train. An unlimited warranty on any part of a vehicle intended for commercial use is simply crazy; however, the motor is rated for a million miles. This type of warranty does not exist on European sedans.

Furthermore, Spenta explained that he used to spend $7,000 to $8,000 a month for gas and maintenance. The bills went down after he went for Tesla. An Escalade is cheaper than the Model X SUV but the money that will go to gas and maintenance for the next 5 to 8 years will more expensive than the car payments to Tesla.

Free access to Supercharger for Models S and X is part of Tesla’s advertising strategy but it is limited only for long distance travel but it seems to work well for Spenta’s drivers. While the Model X is charging, the drivers take their break to eat their lunch.

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