The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) advises travellers to regularly check weather updates and follow safety guidelines especially during the monsoon season.

Changing Weather Conditions

Travellers are encouraged to stay updated through the daily forecasts of the Thai Meteorological Department (TMD) regarding storms, heavy rains, flash floods, and mudslide alert, as well as surf forecasts, and monsoon showers. Tour operators are also responsible for keeping up-to-date regarding the weather and decide whether tourist activities should or should not be allowed depending on the weather.

Thailand sees a rougher weather conditions from May to October, with September experiencing most of the rains. Phuket tends to become rainy during this time, and smaller islands are usually closed off during the monsoon season for safety concerns.

Tourist Activities

White-water rafting, ferry rides, snorkelling, bungee jumping, zip lining, mountain trekking, and liveaboard in Thailand are all popular activities among tourists all over the world, but many of them, being outdoor activities, would not be advisable should the weather become unfavourable, Tourists’ safety is a priority, and tourists and tour organisers alike are reminded that remaining vigilant of the weather condition during this time is a shared responsibility everyone bears. While liveaboard in Thailand is not usually organised during the monsoon season, other popular tourist activities may still run, and it is upon the discretion of the tourist and operators whether it should continue or not.

Some activities, like ferry crossings, may still be available, with monsoon rains coming in as short and intense bursts of rain. Tourists are advised to check the weather despite having the tickets paid for already. It is much more beneficial to ride the ferry when the weather is fine as it gets more stable, and the clear skies would allow for a more enjoyable experience.

Some Exceptions

However, there are some areas in Thailand that do not seem to be affected by the monsoon during these times. KoPhangan, KoSamui, and Ko Tao located in the Gulf of Thailand are considered as the nation’s most appealing islands. The weather in these regions remain generally fair, with rains only coming in during the latter part of the year from October, getting stronger by November before it tapers off in January.