Leonardo is a renowned banker, entrepreneur, restaurateur, financier and philanthropist. He was the president of the Banco industrial de Venezuela and led the bank through three Government changes. He is the only employee in the bank to raise from a graduate position to the top most position in the bank. He started his own venture in capital markets and turned it into the biggest company in Latin America and the largest brokerage firm in Venezuela. He later shifted to London and now promotes start-ups and advises businessmen and politicians on the advantages of free trade.

If you want to be a successful businessman like Leonardo Gonzalez Dellan, you have to choose the right business to attract customers and provide them with quality services and products. Here are some useful tips to start your own business and be3come successful one day.

  • Learn and improve

If you are unhappy or stuck in a wrong position in your position, learn to stand up for yourself. Take the responsibility for failures instead of blaming others. Focus on improving the business and eliminate the shortcomings.

  • Follow your passion and select the right business

Take example of Leonardo Gonzalez Dellan, who explored the different facets and ultimately followed his passion. Explore your talents and skills and choose the right kind of business suitable for your experience and skills. Also watch the market carefully to know about the current trends and offer value added products and services to the customers to stay ahead of competition.

  • Business plan improves the chances of success

Proper business planning ensures you are on the right path to success.  Business plan helps you to list out your goals and plan for the future with clarity and confidence. The business plan should contain all the objectives and goals and the necessary strategies and action plan to achieve them.

  • Picking the target audience

Picking the target audience for your business is an important aspect of planning. The business should be promoted to suit the requirements of the target audience. Study the market carefully and suit the products or services that are favoured by most of the people or add value to the already existing products.

Consider these steps and select a suitable business and chase your dreams to become a successful entrepreneur like Leonardo Gonzalez Dellan.