One of the activities that organizations look forward is team bonding. It supports camaraderie and friendship among members of the organization. Company events such as outdoor team building activities give employees some break from their office deliverables and allow them to enjoy and get some relaxation. For an effective activity, hire expert facilitators to handle the event.

If you are going to have the event in an outdoor setting, you would have to do some extra preparation to ensure the participants safety. Here are some precautionary measures that you can take.

Secure a medical waiver

There are team members who may require special care and you may not know about this. For all you know, there might be pregnant in your team or somebody who is going through medical attention. You might have a team member with physical disability or have gone through recent operation. To keep your members safe during outdoor team building activities, distribute a medical waiver and have the members sign it. This way, they can be exempted from participating in the activities and you can just assign them with other less demanding tasks such as for the registration, time keeping and score keeping.

Keep a standby medics team

Outdoor activities could require participants to be physical and they could get into accidents. Have your company nurse or security personnel around during the activity. Make sure that they have ample supply of first aid kits or medicines for minor ailments such as headache or body pain. As an alternative, you can hire an external medical team so your nurses and security personnel can also join in the activity.

Keep a steady water supply and refreshments

Provide ample supply of water and refreshments including sweets to keep your team hydrated and with energy level up. Exposure to sunlight and engaging in physical activities can lead to dehydration and exhaustion.

Apply sunscreen

Remind your team to have important items during outdoor team building activities such as towels, sunglasses, caps and other sun protection including sun screen lotions and extra tee shirts .