Port City Signs and Graphics, a company in Wilmington that done car wrapping, recently revealed a vinyl advertisement from one of the trucks they are working on. Upon finishing, the advertisement can be seen clear as day and will remain intact for almost a decade. This answers the question of why car signs in Brisbane are increasing in number. It has been made easier by the availability of car wrapping.

Car wraps is now one of the most preferred advertisement methods by business owners because unlike any ads, it is mobile and promotion continues as the vehicle travels.

Sabrina Davis who owns Port City Signs and Graphics based in Wilmington said that she found it interesting that the trade only gained popularity in the past few years when in fact they have been servicing car wrapping for advertisements for the last 10 years.

She explained that a car wrap is an effective method of promoting a business because the photos are printed in high quality and graphic. It can be printed in landscape format, undergoes lamination and wrapped to fill the whole vehicle or just a section of it.

She added that car wrapping is good for businesses because consumers will know right away what they do just by looking at the images on their ads. Aside from the fact that many people are driving cars and the vehicle moves around for promotion, having a fleet wrapped with advertisement gives a premium look to the company.

David Hervey, the owner of FastSigns, said that every week they do car wrapping to a minimum of one vehicle. He said that the rise in demand for car wrapping is mainly due to the advances in technology. Several years ago, the printer can only handle limited colour schemes and they have to cut each of them before they can be wrapped around the vehicle.

He said that nowadays it is different because of the incorporation of photos, blending can be done and you can design however you want. This method of advertisement may be effective but it does not come cheap. Despite the price, many are using this method for car signs in Brisbane because it reaches a wider audience.