When it comes to the market for home automation systems, the battle is evident between Amazon and Google. Google by Alphabet and Amazon continues to hit each other’s major organs as they fight for their place in the home automation market. Google developed Google Home while Amazon has its Amazon Echo.

It does not come as a surprise why these two companies are dying to compete in gaining the crown for the home automation system because its forecast worth by 2022 is set to be around $78.3 billion. As of last year, Markets and Markets released that the market worth of the industry is already at $32.1 billion.

We all know that Amazon was first on the scene of home automation thus it will take time and a lot of effort in Google’s part to catch up in order to control the market. It was back in 2014 when Amazon released to the pubic its very first Echo which have been sold over 5 million times already. Echo is now priced at $180. Its introductory price was set at $100 and can only be purchased initially by those who were invited by the company.

Google Home, on the other hand, was launched only last year in the month of October. The price is quite competitive as it is only set at $130. The price discount is not an assurance for Google that the product will be successful in the home automation market. It is also important that it can provide customers with impressive features that will make them try the product or replace their existing ones.

In terms of core functions, Google is able to match up with what Echo has including the implementation of verbal commands. The market was expecting a whole lot more from Google though because it is known to have access to a treasure of date. It was not what people were expecting but Google is on its way on making incremental improvements on its smart device. Recently, Google made it possible for third-party developers to make their own product so it can be integrated in the hub. There are also DIY home security options for homeowners that want to try making their home into a smart one.