The biggest Vespas always combined great performance with comfort even when on the most demanding and longest routes.

The 2017 Vespa GTS

The 2017 Vespa GTS was upgraded with the incorporation of the technological i-Get engines for the advanced version that includes electronic injection, liquid cooling, four-valve timing and a “Start and Stop” system which is a first on Vespas.

The Vespa GTS has i-Get engines in 125 and 150cc. The engines are top class in terms of the performance as well as in environmental friendliness.

The Start and Stop system

The Piaggio patented Start and Stop system named RISS (Regulator Inverter Start & Stop System) débuts on the Vespa. The system puts an end to traditional starter motors. A “direct mount” unit installed in the crankshaft replaces the traditional ones. The benefits include lighter weight, quiet start up and less fuel consumption plus more reliability.

The Start and Stop switches the engines off automatically within 3 to 7 seconds when the vehicle stops.

A twist in the throttle restarts the model’s engine with no noise even though the traditional starter motor is no longer uses.

When the side stand is then lowered or when the tilt sensor gets activated, the engines switch off and also do not automatically restart.

i-Get engines

Every component on these new engines were designed to create a quieter and smoother ride giving more comfort and also increasing the engine’s life.

A biggest bulk from Piaggio work involved a reduction in friction by creating bearings per rotating part with the shifting of cylinder axis for reduction in friction on the model’s piston.

The mechanical noise is super low due to the optimisation of shapes and materials.

There are new parts on the i-Get engines. The new engines assure length maintenance and service intervals. The filters and fluids are only changed for every ten thousand kilometres, and the valve clearance is only adjusted after every twenty thousand kilometres has already passed.


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