Windows play a very important role when it comes to energy efficiency. According to the US Green Building Council (USGBC) loss of energy usually happens through windows. A glass pane can lose or gain up to ten times the amount of heat than wall space of similar size. Previously, traditional glass was used on windows but with smart window technology, there is better user interface with buildings.

Previously when sunlight got into your eyes, you will get out of the chair, go to the drapes or blinds, draw them down to be raised later in the day. According to the results of a research made by N-Tech Research, it was predicted that the current market for smart windows that is currently $40 million will grow to about $500 million by 2019.

Several years ago, W Hotel in San Francisco replaced their conventional windows in the lobby space with smart windows from View, a company that produces smart glass in Milpitas, California. The hotel decided on smart glass because during sunny days the hotel windows will automatically tint to block heat and glare. During overcast days, the tint automatically adjusts to a lower level.

View is one of the major players in the industry of smart window systems. The other one is Minnesota-based Sage Glass. Both of the companies rely on electrochromic technology for their windows wherein glass is coated with nano layers of metal oxides. Once sunlight hits the coated glass, ions will move between the various layers to change the structure and tint of glass. Further technology is integrated through tint control using a Smartphone or tablet.

View estimates that over the lifetime of the smart glass, energy usage will be reduced by at least 20%. There is also a conservative estimate that the smart windows can enhance productivity by up to 2%.

If you are going to install glass on your windows, you can have the window glass cut to size so that it will be an exact fit. You will also require glass cutting service if you are going to replace the broken glass on your window. A better option however, is emergency service for the replacement or repair of your windows.