Bangkok is literally a “shop till you drop” tourist destination. Many vacations are planned around various shopping opportunities to explore the widely famous Chatuchak weekend market or the Esplanade shopping and entertainment complex. Yes indeed, Bangkok is a shopper’s paradise where visitors can buy everything from branded t-shirts to antiques and celadon ceramics.

However, aside from being a shopping paradise, Bangkok is also considered as a hub of transportation, business and industry and continues to move forward with transport and infrastructure developments. A dramatic improvement in Bangkok was immediately noticed after the completion of the 7,700-acre Suvarnabhumi International Airport which was ranked as one of the world’s seven largest airports.

Remarkable improvements were also experienced by business and industry when Bangkok built the main transport lines of BTS Sky Train and MRT subway that made it very efficient and convenient to travel within and outside the city. A significant increase was also felt in the sudden increase of Thai and expatriate population.

Five years from now, the areas in Bangkok that will have the potential to be developed will be the inner core or what is more typically known as the centre of the city. The best indications are the landmarks like the new Stock Exchange of Thailand headquarters and the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China. There are other future mega-projects along the route of the Sky Train from high end shopping malls, office buildings, embassies and 5-star and 6-star hotels.

By 2021, people can expect the launch of 10 more electric train routes that will bring visitors from the inner areas of Bangkok to the main existing mass transit routes. An airport link will also make it convenient for domestic and internal travellers to travel to Bangkok. Another landmark for the future will be the tallest building in ASEAN at the inner core of Bangkok.

If you are passionate about shopping, your best option is hotel near Esplanade Mall that hosts retail stores, restaurants, bookstores, a supermarket, skating rink and musical theatre. The hotel is also conveniently located on the same road as the Thailand Cultural Centre and the Korean Embassy.