Rayong is one of the provinces of Thailand. It is catching up with the progress of Bangkok with the new hotel in Rayong and other developments. The most recent project is between WHA Industrial Development Plc also known as WHA ID and the IRPC Plc. WHA ID is a company dealing with logistics as well as provides industrial facilities. Together the two companies are going to develop the WHA Industrial Estate Rayong in the eastern part of Thailand.

WHA ID used to be Hemaraj Land and Development Plc and the company will be responsible for 60 per cent of the new project while the 40 per cent will be handled by the IRPC. The development is to be called WHA Industrial Estate Rayong Co Ltd.

The construction will begin at the third quarter of 2018 and the registered funding for the project is worth 650 million baht. The partnership venture of the two companies resulted to the acquisition of a space of land spanning 2,152 rai from IRPC. The land is located in the Ban Kai district and will be utilized for the construction of the industrial estate.

The distance of the site from Rayong City is about 20 kilometers while it is 50 kilometers from the airport of U-Tapao. The Map Ta Phut Port is around 36 kilometers from the industrial estate’s future site.

This will be covered by the EEC initiative of the government also known as the Eastern Economic Corridor. In line with this, the industrial estate will focus more on investors belonging in the 10 S-curve industries including aviation, mechanical assembly, automotive, food processing and robotics.

WHA ID’s management will ensure that the estate is going to take advantage of the 30 year experience of the company as well as its high standards when it comes to being eco-friendly, its engineering design and innovative planning.

With regards to the marketing of the estate, WHA ID will take charge and they will also find investors both local and international. This is a common business tactic like in the hospitality industry when new hotel in Rayong is to be constructed and launched.