Study Finds That Couples Who Spend More On Weddings Are More Likely To Divorce


Planning a wedding is a daunting, and, occasionally, costly endeavour, as going to a wedding hotel in Bangkok can prove. The good news from the study, however, that spending less on the wedding and more on the honeymoon means that the marriage was more likely to last.

This is counter to the campaigns of bridal magazines and diamond companies, who espouse to people the idea that weddings need to be fairytale-esque affairs, with the researchers concluding that the opposite is better for the longevity of marriages.

The study, led by Economics Professor Andrew Francis-Tan from the National University of Singapore – Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, and Hugo M. Mialon, Emory University – Department of Economics, surveyed  3,000 married people, finding certain characteristics throughout the marriages that increased the likelihood of a divorce.

According to the study, the amount of time that couples spent on the engagement ring and the ceremony is inversely proportional to the time the marriage lasts, as is the prioritization of looks. When it came to engagement rings, the more money spent on the ring, the higher the chances of divorce increased, especially once the ring’s cost made it past $2,000/£1,500.

The paper specifies that, for the sample of men, spending between $2,000 and $4,000 (£3,000) on the engagement ring is associated with a 130% greater risk of a divorce, when compared to spending between $500 (£376) and $2,000.

The professors also noted that one other factor impacted divorce risk by a considerable margin; how important the looks of the spouse was when deciding to get married. Professor Mialon says that reporting that the looks of a partner were key to the decision to marry had significant association with shorter lasting marriages.

However, people who are looking to go to a wedding hotel in Bangkok, not all spending when it comes to marriage is bad. The study noted that, despite the negative impact of spending on rings and weddings to the duration of a marriage, the honeymoon had the opposite effect. Better honeymoons were significantly associated with a lower risk of getting divorced, suggesting that, instead of splurging on the wedding, spending money on the relaxing post-wedding honeymoon was better.

Melbourne-Based Square weave Acquired By Rabid Technologies In Wellington


Wellington-based app developer Rabid Technologies, based in and operating across New Zealand, is expanding into the AU with the acquisition of a specialist web design and development agency that handles sites like, Melbourne’s Square weave.

Rabid builds web and mobile organizations across NZ, with several major customers like the New Zealand Post, Pledge Me and Oranga Tamariki. Meanwhile, Square weaveis more focused on digital strategy, web development on sites like as well as consultancy, with clients like Yarra Valley Water, State Library of Victoria and easy ACCESS, among others.

According to Breccan McLeod-Lundy, CEO of Rabid, the company has worked overseas in the past, but this new acquisition means that Rabid will have a permanent home in the AU, and they can now utilize their experience on both sides of the Tasman.

The logistics of this acquisition will result in the adding of 10 staff from Squareweave into the Rabid team across the Tasman with the combined corporate entity now present with offices located in Auckland and Wellington in New Zealand, and Melbourne in the AU.

The acquisition, which hasn’t had it total value revealed, also covered the minority shareholding roles for the founders of Squareweave, Will Dayble and Luke Giuliani, who will continue to work in the company, remaining involved in its ‘strategic direction’.

According to Dayble, he and Breccan are well acquainted with each other. He adds that he believes that Breccan has built a stable tech company and that being taken under its wing will give Squareweave the scale needed to grow as well as handle bigger technical challenges faced by government and NPOs in Australia.

This buyout; the acquisition of Square weave, is the second Rabid has done within four years, the other one being the acquisition of Auckland-based Resistor back in 2015. McLeod-Lundy says that acquisitions, both on and offshore are definitely a part of Rabid’s long-term growth strategy, saying that he’d love to see such tactics employed by more NZ businesses, instead of selling out for the bach, the boat and the BMW.

In the NZ tech market, which amounts to about $16.2 billion of the country’s GDP, and at least 120,000 jobs in the country, Rabid managed to report a 300% year-on-year increased revenue.

New Healthcare Facility Introduced In Yangon


A partnership was born between Ga MonePwint Co, a mall operator in Myanmar, and Thonburi Healthcare Group from Thailand in order to establish a new healthcare facility in Yangon called Ar Yu International Hospital. Many investors are launching the best hotels in Myanmar therefore the people are also asking to have a new healthcare facility that provides high quality services.

The hospital cost $70 million in US dollars and it is expected to be available to the public in the middle of this month. This is the first project that was launched between Thonburi and Ga MonePwint in Yangon. According to Ar Yu International Hospital’s business development manager, Dr.Nway Nu Wai, the facility will be operated like a general hospital but they will have available specialists such as neurologists and cardiologists.

The launching of the hospital is very timely because the standard of living in the city is starting to get better therefore many are also demanding to have the best quality in terms of healthcare services. A statement from the CEO of the new hospital, Dr. Watson Aphiwatanakoon, revealed that previous surveys showed that the local residents in Myanmar prefer to use private clinics and local drug pharmacies when they want to fill a prescription. This is because of the intimidating atmosphere they fell when inside huge facilities equipped with the latest diagnostic equipment.

This is no longer true because many are already seeking to have appropriate and timely diagnosis because they fear for risks that might result if treatment is not done right away. The target market of the new hospital facility is patients planning to get medical treatment from other countries.

There is a high demand from patients that belong to either the middle or the upper caste of the society. These are the same people that stay in best hotels in Myanmar and travel to foreign counties like India, Singapore and Thailand when they need medical treatment. As per the report from Oxford Business Group, outbound medical tourism reaches $250 million annually and the money could benefit the economy of Myanmar instead of other nations.

Front Line Defenders Aim To protect The Rights Of Human Rights Defenders


Front line defenders is a not for profit, charitable organization for protecting the rights of the human right defenders. The organizations works to protect, support and defend the human right activists, who face threats due to their activities.

The front line defenders is supported by Denis Obrien foundation and aims to support the human rights activists through a variety of measures such as

  1. To provide international advocacy and emergency support to the human right defenders, who are at risk due to their legitimate activities to protect the human rights of marginalized groups.
  2. The foundation releases grants to pay for the personal security arrangements of the human rights defenders facing threats and risks
  3. Organizing training and providing resource materials to the human rights defenders to enable them to protect themselves
  4. Provide support and other rest and respite opportunities for human rights defenders working in extremely stressful circumstances
  5. Provide opportunities for human rights activists and defenders from around the world to network with each other
  6. Recognizing the efforts of human right defenders and giving awards to appreciate their contribution to the society
  7. Provide emergency helpline in various languages such as Arabic, French, Spanish, Russian and English to help human right defenders at times of need.
  8. The organization facilitates emergency relocation of human rights defenders during emergencies.

The organization is supported by Denis Obrien foundation in its various workshops and programs to support the human right defenders. The organization is headquartered in Dublin and has EU office in Brussels. The field staff of front line defenders works in various countries like America, Africa, Asia and Middle East.

The charitable organization which is supported by the Denis Obrien foundation,provides the required support and security to the human rights activists and human rights defenders in various countries, to undertake legitimate and nonviolent activities to protect the human rights of backward and marginalized communities. The organization is committed to provide relentless support and empathy to promote the centrality of human right defenders, to work in an impartial manner with utmost professionalism and integrity and develop meaningful and participative relationships with the human right defenders from across the world.

Four Advantages Of Using Neoprene Seat Covers


Seat covers protect the original car seats from moisture, dirt and stains. They protect the car seat and also enhance the interior aesthetics of the car. Seat covers are the best option to give an instant makeover to your old car. Seat covers are available in many fits, colours, materials and patterns. Car owners must choose the seat covers that fit into their requirements and budget.

Rough Country neoprene seat covers are the best seat covers. These custom fit seat covers are durable and can be installed easily. Some of the benefits of switching to neoprene seat covers are

  • The Rough Country neoprene seat covers are extremely durable. The covers are heat resistant and water resistant and provide good resistance to friction. The covers are easy to maintain and they are extremely resistant to dust and moisture.
  • The neoprene seat covers from Rough Country are extremely heat resistant. They do not get hot when exposed to hot conditions. They are the best bet during the hotter seasons.
  • Neoprene seat covers are resistant to moisture. These covers are made from the material used for making wet suits. The neoprene seat covers can be used to protect the original seats of the car as they do not let the water or any other spills to seep in.
  • The neoprene seat covers are inflammable. They do not catch fire easily these seat covers are the best bet, if you smoke in the car. They protect the car seats from catching fire and burning, in case of accidental exposure to cigarette ash.

The Rough Country neoprene seat covers are specifically custom designed and fit the car seats like a glove. They are available in a range of colours and patterns. They are the best bet to save the interiors of the car in the long run. These custom fit seat covers are a bit pricey but the benefits of these covers far outweigh the costs involved. However, car owners should buy the neoprene seat covers from trusted and authorized service centres or dealerships. This helps them to save time and money and avoid being conned by others.

Booming Ecommerce Has Resulted Into Serious Challenges For The Courier Industry


Finding the right international courier from a wide range of different courier companies can be daunting. However, there are comparison engines that are designed to help you find the courier company that will offer you the best deal. You can compare quotes so that you can enjoy the lowest and most competitive rates.

In a study that was published by Federal Association of Packaging and Express Logistics Firm (Biek) Inc., it was revealed that the high demand for online mail order services of courier companies in Germany has posed a serious challenge to the industry. The Biek study also reported that the number of mail order packages that are delivered by the courier companies have reached the annual level of 3.3 billion. This is due to the popularity of ecommerce in 2017.

If compared to the previous year, there was a 6.1% increase in the figures. Compared to 2000, the figures have nearly doubled. However, courier companies are struggling to find drivers for their delivery trucks. The shortage of drivers has pushed the wages up. In German cities and towns, quality of services is compromised by traffic congestions.

The courier companies that are being represented by Biek anticipate that the trendwill continue through the coming years. It is expected that the number of packages that will be sent annually will reach 4.3 billion by 2022. The study further noted that courier companies are testing different ways to mitigate any related pressures in their business models.

Five of the largest courier services in Berlin have formed a joint venture for the utilization of traditional delivery bicycles and at the same time share a centralized transhipmentcentre. Meanwhile, Deutsche Post DHL Group will rely on its fully electric Streetscooter vans that were developed by Ford in the US. These steps hopefully will respond to the challenges being faced by the industry.

If you are going to send a parcel through an international courier, you can benefit from low prices with full online tracking that will inform you where the parcel is at every step of its global journey. You will enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that your parcel is safe and will reach its destination the soonest time possible.

Three Seasons In Bangkok And The Best Season To Visit The City


Bangkok is the capital of Thailand. The city of angels is popular for the throbbing nightlife, beautiful sightseeing and mouth-watering food. Tourists from around the world visit Bangkok to enjoy a blissful vacation in the beautiful beach side resorts and luxurious 5 and 4 star hotels.

However, it is advisable to plan your trip to Bangkok at the right season. Visiting the city during rainy season means you risk of being stranded in your hotel room with all your site seeing itinerary washed off due to incessant rains. But planning a vacation to Bangkok during the rainy season has its own perks. The tours and excursions will be cheaper, flight tickets will be cheaper when compared to the peak season, you can book the 4 star hotel in Sukhumvit at attractive rates and enjoy visiting the attractions without the heavy tourist rush.

Bangkok has three seasons. The weather is hot and humid in the country during all the seasons. The three seasons in Bangkok are the hot season, rainy season and the cool season. Knowing about the seasons in Bangkok will help you to plan the trip keeping the weather conditions in mind.

Hot season

This is the hottest time in Bangkok. The hot season extends from March to June. The city experiences occasional summer storms during the hot season. The Thai New Year is celebrated in April and visiting Bangkok during this season will enable you to enjoy the fun festivities. Travellers visiting Bangkok during summers can book their stay at a 4 star hotel in Sukhumvit and enjoy lounging at the pool after hectic day of sightseeing.

Rainy season

The rainy season in Bangkok depends on the date of arrival of the southwest monsoon. The rainy season starts from mid-May and extends till October. September is the peak rainy season in this area. Visiting Bangkok during rainy season has many advantages. Since it is not the preferred season the flights are cheaper, visitors can spend the rainy days at their 4 star hotel in Sukhumvit and enjoy the in-house amenities and venture out when the rain stops.

Cool season

The cool season starts from November and extends till February. This is the peak tourist season when tourists flock to the city. The temperature is cool and visitors can enjoy visiting all the attractions in the city. They can relax at the rooftop bar of their 4 star hotel in Sukhumvit and enjoy the amazing views of the surroundings.

Factors To Consider Before Buying A Motorcycle


The decision to buy a two-wheeler should be taken after careful consideration. There are many choices in the market, when it comes to two wheeler brands and models and choosing the right model to match your style and requirements if of utmost importance.

However, before visiting Honda bike dealers and investing in a new motorcycle, bike buyers should consider the following factors

  • Bike buyers should determine their riding requirements and riding style before selecting a bike. The sales representatives at the Honda bike dealers showrooms can help the buyers to know their requirements and guide them to make an informed decision.
  • The next step is to determine the budget. Consider your income and the overall cost of ownership of the bike, before taking the plunge. The overall cost of owning a bike includes the price of the bike, the insurance and registration costs, cost of maintenance, cost of riding gear etc. Calculate your savings and the extra amount needed for the bike of your choice and look for means to finance the extra payment.
  • Once you know the requirement and determine the budget, the next important decision is whether to go for a new bike or a used one. Both the choices have their own set of pros and cons. weigh the pros and cons of both the options and select the most suitable one. Most of Honda bike dealers also deal in used bikes and offer guarantees and warranties on used bikes. Buying used bikes from authorized dealers ensures you get a fair deal and can be sure about the quality of the product.
  • There are many brands and many models of motorcycles in the market. Buyers should determine whether they want a particular model or are more interested in a bike which offers more mileage. They should also consider the comfort factor and riding capacity before investing in a particular model of bike.
  • Bike buyers should ask for references about reputed Honda bike dealers in the neighbourhood and visit them to know about the quality of service offered by different dealers. They should know about the value added services like extended warranties, low interest financing options etc. offered by different dealers. Buyers should take a test ride of the selected bike before making the right decision.

Bunnings Offering Toilet Installations


Good bathroom products, like those from Amber Tiles, can problematic to handle, which is why the tradie site, hipages, is quite popular in the AU. Bunnings, one of the AU’s biggest household hardware chains, has taken notice of both, with a new service for all its customers across the country.

Bunnings has partnered up with hipages for its new service; complimentary toilet installations for both in-store and online customers. The service underwent initial testing in 15 branches scattered across Newcastle and the Central Coast earlier in 2018 for four weeks, before being approved for country-wide operations.

Michael Schneider, Bunnings’ Managing Director, says that this new service is an exciting offer for their customers as well as local Aussie traders, making it easier and cheaper for customers to update their bathroom as well as to get into contact with local tradies to help with jobs that require the expertise of a licensed tradesperson, like installing a toilet, getting Amber Tiles installed or having wiring redone.

Customers can add a hipages toilet installation voucher when they check out, either online or in-store, and can then set up a time with a hipages plumber for the installation work. The service will cost $275 on top of the cost of the selected toilet suite, and covers full disposal of the old unit as well as cleaning the area after the installation.

CEO David Vitek, hipages, expresses excitement at their new partnership with Bunnings, which he says will help more Aussies experience the benefit, convenience and ease of being able to instantly connected to a qualified localtradie online, which is useful for people looking for someone to fix wiring, unclog the drain properly, install Amber Tiles or have the house painted.

This move comes a week after Bunnings revealed their plans to expand its e-commerce operations after successfully adding transactions to their sites for the first time. Schneider says complimenting their strong physical presence with a reliable e-commerce platform will let them stand out from the competition with a winning offer.

He adds that it’s been a long time coming for Bunnings that click and collect; embracing e-commerce, was an inevitability, as it’s the reality of the world the company operates in.


How A Caracas Personality Rose To Fame


Who wouldn’t know about Leonardo Gonzalez Dellan. He is a famous personality in Caracas, the capital of Venezuela. He has travelled the whole world just to get what he has to day. He is very successful and now lives in London to continue his legacy of being popular, rich and able to help the needy. He also owns some properties and businesses in Venezuela.

The country is in turmoil nowadays. Venezuela is even considered the most dangerous city in the entire world. Ordinary people are just suffering from the economic crisis they are in today. There is lack of food and medicines to help the needy. There is also public chaos which make the city unsafe to move around. However, if you really like to help, you can contact the website of leonardogonzalezdellan and see how you can help. You can be a volunteer to his charity works or donate items of any type like money.

If you check him out, you will know that he’s an entrepreneur and banker who rose in ranks from the late 90s to early the 2000s. He was the youngest president of one of the largest banks in Venezuela. For some time, he managed the bank successfully, until he stepped down to invest and drive the capital markets of the country.

In 2009, he moved with his family to London; however, he managed to own one of Latin America’s leading private company and leading brokerage firm in Venezuela. As he is now based in London, he managed to expand his business and have reached the lands of Europe and Latin America. He aims to have these continents benefit significantly with their economies.

leonardogonzalezdellan is also a famous restaurateur and philanthropist. He owns a variety of restaurants in Venezuela and is even topped as one of the best in Latin America. He has pictured that fast food chains will become successful in this continent, and he even hopes to think that it will soon cover other parts of the world. He also owns charities and foundations that cater to treatment and prevention of heart disease. He aims to provide education to impoverished children.  And this is what made him truly famous.