3 Tips To Speed Up HCG Weight Loss


There are several HCG weight loss supplements in the market today but one of the more popular is HCG drops. More dieters prefer HCG drops because it is easy to consume. Dieters just have to place the recommended drops under the tongue and hold it for about 60 seconds. The method allows liquid to be easily absorbed by your system and promote faster effect on the body. Swallow the remaining liquid after 60 seconds and do not eat or drink anything within the next 30 minutes. Taking HCG drops is easy but in order to make the product work faster, you also have to do your fair share of contribution. Here are some ideas how.

Drink more water

If you drink 8 glasses of water a day when you are not dieting, you should then increase your water intake now that you are on a dieting process. Water increases your metabolism thereby speeding up your slimming process. It also makes you feel full which is why those who are hungry are advised to drink water first before eating. If hunger does not go away, it is then the time to eat a light but healthy snack. It is also advisable to drink warm water instead of cold and to add a slice of lemon in the water for faster burning of fats. Herbal tea or green tea can also speed up your digestion and trimming process. Make sure that you do not add milk on your tea and to avoid processed tea drinks.

Avoid cheating

When you are on an HCG weight loss process, focus on your goal and avoid cheating. There are too many temptations when you are suppressing your diet but if you would give in, you will be back to square on. Small cheats can lead to bigger ones which may already be too late to stop and before you know it, you are back to your old weight again.

Be conscious of your calorie intake

Count your calorie intake while taking HCG weight loss product is one way to ensure that you will be successful in your dieting.