Choosing A Luxury 5 Star Hotel In Sukhumvit


A trip to Bangkok may need careful planning, especially if you want to be booked in a luxury 5 star hotel in Sukhumvit for accommodation. Many say it’s not an easy decision to make, especially if it’s your first time here to this city. Every area in Bangkok has its own perks and drawbacks, so you need to plan your interests and priorities. Here are some areas in Bangkok that provide you amazing views of its attractions, the activities to do and accessibility to transport:

  • Sukhumvit

You are in the best place of Bangkok. The district boasts of its latest shopping centres, access to scrumptious food, and breathtaking nightlife. It’s a modern, cosmopolitan city to find huge shopping malls such as EmQuartier, Emporium Shopping Mall and Terminal 21. In the evenings, you can venture the sexy rooftop bars and celebrate at the go-go bars of Soi Cowboy and Soi Nana. So, ensure your booked in a marvellous luxury 5 star hotel in Sukhumvit for convenience.

You can also find the BTS Sukhumvit line from the east to west of Sukhumvit Road. If you want to get rid of traffic, just walk a little further from your hotel to the BTS to see famous attractions starting from Asok.

  • Siam

If you’re a shopaholic, you’ll want to stay in a hotel in Siam, to access the area’s popular shopping malls. The malls include Siam Paragon, MBK and Siam Centre. Aside from shopping, you can find family-friendly attractions like Kidzania and Siam Ocean World. Other attractions include the Playhouse Theatre, Madame Tussauds and Erawan Shrine. You’ll also love to dine here.

  • Pratunam

It’s in this area of Bangkok where you find the largest 24/7 market, the Pratunam Market. Here you’ll find countless wholesale malls like the Indra Square and the Platinum Fashion Mall. If you’re done with shopping, be a spectator of a great view from the tallest building in Bangkok, the Baiyoke Tower. You can even venture into the Baiyoke Floating Market at the 75th floor. It’s where a wide variety of shopping and entertainment for travellers are found. If you don’t want to stay in this area, you can always head back to your luxury 5 star hotel in Sukhumvit to rest, unwind and relax.

The Tradies Raking In The Cash In The AU


Good news for plumbers in Brisbane, removalists in Sydney, and other tradies across the AU; the tradespeople field is raking in profits. Of course, the profits aren’t evenly spread out between the specializations, and the tradies have to smart about how they conduct their business.

The success of tradiesis summed up quite nicely, as tradies headed for Maldives for a conference aimed at bringing in tradespeople to share knowledge about their field and learn more about the business. Organized by Tradiematepro, an online toolbox aimed at providing tradies across the AU the support and tools they need, from plumbers in Brisbane to removalists in Gold Coast, the conference had tradies meeting together like the more posh business people do to learn more about being tradies.

According to data from the ABS, tradies are raking in a lot of cash, with some even making more money than even doctors. The statistics show that an Aussie GP at their prime and working full take makes about $156k, which is great, but still pales compared to what a lot of tradies rake in.

A removalist, who doesn’t need to go through at least seven years in university can earn up to $93/hourly, which means that if he, and it’s usually a he, works for an average of 40 hours every wee, that’s an annual revenue of about $193K, all for lifting boxes.

The trade shortage means that tradies are so in demand that starting salaries hover around $140k, with more experienced and specialized tradies able to charge more. The so-called ‘tradie rich list’ has removalists raking in the most cash, followed by plumbers in Brisbane and across the country, who earn $83/hourly, then sparkies, handymen, and, then, carpenters.

Matt Jones, who started out as a plumber but now builds websites and marketing solutions for other tradies says that the myths about how tradies don’t make serious money are slowly losing credibility, dispelled by the money tradies are making in the current market. On top of that, people are now shifting their focus, from wanting to go to uni, to taking up a trade.

Jones says that, with some smart choices and business structuring, tradies rake in lots of cash for their work.

Landlord Faced Charges After Do-It-Yourself Boiler Repair Failed


LokendraKhadka, landlord of a terraced city home where a family of five is residing recently put these lives in danger after botching a boiler repair in his property.

Many people employ the services of professional boiler repair companies like Robinson, British Gas, and Gasway Services whenever the need arises, but not landlord LokendraKhadka.

The Botched Job

The court believes that Khadka is held responsible for replacing the flue with a tube that was kept in place by unsteady blocks. Investigations revealed that instead of a proper flue, the landowner replaced the broken part with a hose from a tumble drier, which is not suitable to transfer carbon monoxide and flammable gases from the property. The unsteady blocks that kept the hose in place posed a great danger as well, as it was very unstable, and could have possibly ruptured the pipe, releasing carbon monoxide and other combustible gases inside the home.

Further investigation revealed that an expert did not inspect the repair job either, as there were no separate holes for the carbon monoxide to exit and for fresh air to enter— a dangerous scenario that could lead to the air inside the home contaminated with carbon monoxide.

Khadka, in response, blamed the failed services of an unnamed man, but the court insists that even if it was the case, he was still legally responsible for the repairs, and should have gotten legitimate repair services for a proper job.

Judge Paul Darlow, who was in charge of the case, said he was doubtful that there was anyone else involved in the job except for the landlord himself. He said that the botched job could have exposed the tenants, visitors, and neighbors to high level of risk, even as bad as potential carbon monoxide poisoning.

According to Plymouth Crown Court, an engineer who investigated the scene was alarmed by the gravity of the situation that he had to call the gas company and temporarily shut down the supply to the property.

The landowner was almost sent to jail but his prison sentence was suspended and was ordered to pay £5,000 fine instead because of good character.

To prevent mishaps such as this it is recommended to contact professional boiler installers and repair service providers such as Robinson and British Gas.

Recommended Flooring For Nursery Room


Expecting a new baby in the family is both an exciting and hectic event. There are a lot of things to prepare for such as the nursery room. During renovation, it is best to consider wisely whether it is better to choose wooden flooring such as timber floors in Sydney or whether to stick with carpet which is something commonly seen in family rooms.

When going for the latter option, the carpet can either cover from wall to wall or just a certain area of the room. While it is a safe option, there are downsides to using carpet. For one, it is a vacuum for dust and dirt which is not good for the overall health of the baby. For temporary flooring, an area rug can be placed inside the room but it must be washed regularly in order to maintain cleanliness inside the room. For wall to wall carpeting, cleaning the carpet is the main enemy because it is not an easy feat. It can also be a nest for allergens and even dust mites if carelessly handled.

Wooden flooring is another option and one of the most popular to parents too. The material is made of natural wood therefore there is no problem with harmful chemicals that could be toxic o the kids’ health. Cleaning a wooden floor is also much easier compared to a carpet because spills can be easily mopped up. The problem is that scratches might be unavoidable since the room is intended for kids’ use. It is also unsafe if small children fall down and lands on the hard wooden floor.

If the above two options do not satisfy, there are other type of flooring to choose from such as laminate and rubber. Laminate flooring has many advantages – it is cheap, has a luxurious vibe, easy to clean and it is resistant to scratches. Installation is also not that hard. Laminate has a soft texture which is not painful for small kids when they accidentally slip or fall.

Rubber flooring is another alternative to timber floors in Sydney because it is suitable for kids. It is not only safe but it is also more comfortable for the baby to roll around. Make sure to purchase rubber that does not give very strong smell that could irritate the baby.

Six Mexican Dating Traditions To Impress Your Mexican Partner


Dating gorgeous Mexican women is a fantasy for most of the men. These women are fashionable and fiery. They are esteemed for their high traditional values and have all the qualities men wish for, in their partners. Many men plan vacations to Mexico and spend huge amounts of money to subscribe to dating agencies to search for stunning Mexican women and brides. There are many traditions in Mexico that guide dating and relationships. Many of the traditional families still adhere to these rules.

Suitors looking for brides in Mexico are better off knowing these Mexican dating rules. Following these rules helps the women to know you are seriously interested in pursuing a long-term relationship with her.

  1. The first step is always taken by the man. Dating starts with the man pursuing. Whether for a dance or a date, these women wait for the man to pursue them.
  2. Men are expected to act like true gentlemen. They have to be well-mannered and polite. Chivalry is the most expected trait in men.
  3. One fun Mexican dating tradition is Piropeo. Men show their interest in women by using flirty comments or Piropos. Men can use endearments and flirty compliments to attract women.
  4. La Serenata is another Mexican dating tradition still followed by many families. The suitor serenades the woman he loves, by arriving at her home with a guitarist and sings to her. The girl comes out of her home if she is interested. If the family is not impressed by the suitor they pour water on him to show their disinterest.
  5. Men pay for the dates in Mexico. They are expected to shower the women with a lot of gifts, flowers and chocolates to show their appreciation.
  6. Single Mexican women are conservative and wait for serious relationship and commitment before engaging in sexual activity. Men should never indulge in untoward advances or pressurize women for sexual favors.

Many of the traditional Mexican girls still follow these Mexican dating rules. As many of the Mexican families are rooted in their catholic values, they adhere to these rules governed by catholic values and customs. Know these rules and follow them in order to woo your Mexican bride and her large family.

Knowing The Services Of Funeral Homes In Sydney


Funeral home services may not necessarily differ from one funeral homes in Sydney to another. What makes them different from each other are the services they render and how it is delivered. It will also differ in terms of the price for each service.

The funeral services can include various tasks which can involve more details while arranging a memorial service. The first of these services is having to lease you a chapel where people can have their wake.  If you choose funeral homes in Sydney, they can help you with the religious affiliation, hospital morgue and the cemetery.

Embalming is a funeral home service that many funeral directors can provide. This will have the deceased preserved at a certain time if the bereaved family choose an open casket. The embalming process will include replacing the blood of the deceased with chemicals and dye, then aspirating the internal organs, to have their features all set. For some mourners, they choose an open casket to have a physical connection with the deceased before they are laid out to rest. However, they can also do it in a viewing room if stated previously

The funeral homes in Sydney can also offer the bereaved family cremation for their loved one. Usually, funeral providers offer a crematorium on their site. They can also provide the family a funeral or memorial service if they prefer to have it in a chapel.

Some funeral homes in Sydney offer pre-arrangements before death. You just have to simply discuss your wants and needs when the time comes. This type of funeral service is quite popular as it provides people some peace of mind when their loved one passes away and are left to decide with a funeral.

Many times, you will need to choose packages and prices that will suit the various funeral homes in Sydney services. You will just have to choose a package that will fit your needs and budget. You may need to speak with a funeral director about your decision, and they can help you carry out your needs, especially when you or your loved one will have to go.

When Booked In A Family Hotel In Sukhumvit, Here’s What You Can Do


In Sukhumvit Road, you’ll only find few tourist attractions like temples. However, you can get magnetised by its modern face of tall elegant hotels and condominiums, very cool shopping centres and entertainment complexes, stylish shops, exquisite restaurants, the best nightlife and the crowd, an attraction by itself. If you’re coming with family, you’ll definitely want to stay in a family hotel in Sukhumvit for a peaceful and relaxing accommodation. Meanwhile, here’s some of what you can do in Sukhumvit:

  • Checking Out Terminal 21

It’s a huge shopping mall that recreates several of the top cities of the world in one roof. Wander around the labyrinth of shops in Tokyo City, stroll down London’s Carnaby Street, haggle in an Instanbul zouk, or fill your famished stomachs at the Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco. The nine-storey shopping centre can make you tour the various locations of the world. In the main hall is an airport like where you travel to the various locations.

  • Octave Rooftop Bar and Lounge

Sukhumvit waited so long just to have a rooftop bar on its road. And when it did, it showed the world how it’s was really done. In this rooftop bar, you’ll be stunned as you watch the sunset, while having a romantic dinner with a special someone. It offers a 36-degree view of the entire Bangkok, and you’ll be amazed at how fresh the breeze can be. Then you’ll like to return to your family hotel in Sukhumvit for some privacy.

  • Soi Cowboy

It’s a red-light district with laid-back, carnival feel more than Nana Plaza and Patpong. It got its name from an African-American who opened his first bar in the 70s. Here you’ll see Japanese and western tourists flirting with sexily dressed women, where the girls try to lure these men to come to their go-go bars and enjoy some drinks with them.

  • Baan Kamthieng House Museum

In one busy junction in Sukhumvit is a peaceful and green Baan Kamthieng House Museum. Tall skyscrapers and the famous Terminal 21 shopping centre surround it. It’s a newly renovated teak house which make you feel like you’re in the northern Thai village. It has fascinating displays enough to tell you about Thailand’s traditional rural life. It’s also the same experience when you’re booked in a family hotel in Sukhumvit for your accommodation.

How To Obtain The Best RBC Exchange Rate


You must know the RBC exchange rate before you choose to have your currency changed to another currency. It may seem an easy task to do as you only need to go to the bank or the nearest money changer. However, you’re not certain if you’re getting the best foreign exchange rates each time. Just always remember that even a few cents can make a difference on your currency especially when making volume transactions.

To ensure that you’re getting the best RBC exchange rate for your currency, be sure to shop, ask or even surf around. Don’t forget too that you have the option to postpone with the exchange especially when rates are high. If you’re not in a hurry, you can wait till the exchange rates get better. This is when an exchange rate calculator comes handy, so you can check the rates from time to time. It’s when you’ll know the right time for the exchange.

To get the hard currency transactions, you need to get the latest rates from your bank or through online banking. Use an online exchange rate calculator to make the conversion and compare it with the inter bank rates. The two options may not differ a lot, but you can choose the best foreign exchange rate as a reference.

You can also get quotes from various money changers and compare their prices. Don’t however expect the same rates offered by all these money changers. The RBC exchange rate and spot market rates are for transactions that can cover millions of dollars. Money changer rates provide retail transactions. Besides, the money changers will add up some rate for a small amount of profit to cover their operations costs. So, ensure you have the interbank rate and compare it with the rates of the money changers.

Always deal with a reputable money changer, so you’re certain you get the exact rate for your currency. You can check their background online and ask friends about their service. Besides, you need to ensure that the transfer process of the funds is secured.

You also need to know that the RBC exchange rate will fluctuate every now and then. What may seem higher today can be lower in the coming days. So, unless you really need cash, choose the currency exchange in some other days when rates are favorable.

What It’s Like In The Best Japanese Restaurant In Bangkok


Bangkok, especially the areas of Sukhumvit Road, is where you find a large group of Japanese and their businesses reside. Here, you’ll find the best Japanese restaurant in Bangkok, which serves delicious Japanese cuisine and beverages.

You may have visited the city to eat a lot of Thai food, but you end up with a memorable meal that turns out to be Japanese. Outside Japan, Bangkok is where you find the biggest Japanese population. The city is estimated to have thousands of Japanese living with long-term tourist visas, without mentioning that to the authorities. Some Japanese here in Bangkok have work permits.

Nowadays, you’ll find many of the biggest Japanese firms have offices here. They have no deficit of businesses that make them feel at home in Thailand. You’ll find the best Japanese restaurant in Bangkok here. There’re also Japanese supermarkets, Japanese drinking dens, Japanese karaoke bars and Japanese massage parlours. In Bangkok, there’s even a Thai-Japanese school educating about 3000 Japanese students. There are apartment blocks exclusively rented by Japanese people. In the malls of Paragon and Emporium, you’ll find sections dedicated to Japanese.

The Japanese population is focused more around the Sukhumvit area. The streets in these areas, known as ‘soi’, are numbered in ascending order from east to west. It’s actually an area where you see many expats and international travellers. You may even have stayed here while doing a business trip in Bangkok.

In the alley behind Soi 23, an omakase restaurant has the chef choose your order on your behalf. If he does, then you practically have the best meal to taste. It’s actually the best Japanese restaurant in Bangkok to find. Few diners are seated facing each other. For the next couple of hours, the chef gathered a number of dishes and handed them over the counter. It served plenty of nigiri, sweet smoky eel, fat tuna belly and octopus. Crispy tempura prawns straight from the fryer defied our tongues to burn. The meal was just as perfect as it is.

In Bangkok, there’s a huge Japanese community; hence, it will never run out of scrumptious Japanese food. When you walk through the Sois, you may feel that you’rewalking in Tokyo or Osaka.

Issues With Residences Mount As Rehab Centers Expand Across South California


With Southern California seeing new a California Rehab Center pop up in neighborhoods, people have been filing reports regarding issues with the facilities.

Many complaints are being filed by people who live near of the hundreds of California Rehab Center in the state, as well as the unlicensed sober living homes across Southern California, and this is just one, rather extreme, example. In Hollywood Hills, many note that West Palms is a busy business aimed at recovering addicts in an otherwise quiet and idyllic residential neighborhood.

Officials from West Palms have not yet commented on the matter, but state records reveal that the center’s owning legal entity, Pacific Recovery Solutions, is currently working on expanding, with plans on opening a new residential California Rehab Center right next door, to be named Pacific Recovery Solutions.

People have noted that, should the rehab center be given the green light, it would be following the pattern currently taking hold in LA, where the drug and alcohol treatment industry is ubiquitous – and so are the problems that come with them.

In the US, where there are approximately 20 million drug or alcohol addicts, on top of a growing opioid crisis, there’s little doubt as to the necessity of rehab centers, but there are many saying, including those from within the industry, that are saying that the industry needs more rules and better regulation, including the impact they have to neighborhoods.

Malibu Councilman Lou La Monte, whose city has the highest concentration of rehab centers in the state, says that the concept of residential care is a great concept. When it works well, he says, people don’t even notice it. He has, however, admitted that he knows how bad it can go.

To deal with the issue, a bill was introduced by Assemblywoman Laura Friedman, which requires all licensed treatment centers to provide all of their programs and services under one roof. She says that the bill lets facilities operate as usual, whilst making sure they’re regulated and they don’t create compounds in the middle of residential neighborhoods.