Ring has recently announced that they are launching a new product that will connect all of the current brand products including doorbells, security cameras and lights. When this is done, this is much like every complete home security systems created which may be employed to monitor everything that is happening inside a property.

The announcement was made a few weeks after the reveal from Nest about their venture into the industry of home security systems. Nest is known to manufacture their brand of home security cameras and a smart doorbell which is yet to be released in the market. Nest showed to the public a package they offer which comes with a keypad and sensors that can be fitted in either two doors or two windows. The package is priced at $499.

Ring, on the other hand, has also announced about their new product named Ring Protect. This is a much affordable alternative to Nest. The base unit is only worth $199 and it comes with one sensor that can be installed in a door or a window as well as a motion detector. Buyers planning to purchase additional sensors may do so for a charge of $20 each. Motion sensors are also sold separately at $30 each. Using the price tag of Nest, one will be able to install sensors in 10 windows along with five rooms when they opt for the brand under Ring.

It does not come as a surprise that the monitoring service of Ring is also quite cheap. You have the option not to pay anything but the alerts will only be forwarded to your phone. If you pay a service fee of $100, Ring will set up someone to ring your home in case the alarm is triggered. As of the moment, there is no news as to the subscription fee of the monitoring service provided by Nest. Ring can compete head-to-head with ADT in terms of the price because the minimum costs will only be around $450 annually.

Homeowners should also keep in mind that the price tag should not be the priority but rather the quality of the home security systems they are considering to make sure they get their money’s worth.