According to Classic FM, there is an increasing number of millennials listening to classical music because it has been used a lot in recent video games. The genre is thought to be favored by older listeners but in the latest figures published by Rajar it was found out that there are 449,000 listeners between the age of 15 and 24 while around 1 million who are below 35 years old are listening to the radio station. The main reason is video games purchased either through cheap CD keys, downloaded from online stores or physically bought from shops.

According to station directors and music composers, the main reason for the rise in the number of millennial listeners is the video games they are playing. The latest video games are using classical music for their background as well as film scores. Classic FM is reaping the rewards by introducing a new segment every week that feature a music show for video games and a program focused on film score. This is broadcasts every Saturday night.

Aside from video games, mental health is now getting more attention than before and it is pointed to be one of the reasons why the younger generation is turning to classical music. This is also one of their outlets which let them escape the modern life which can be, most of the time, busy and stressful.

The millennials’ increased interest with classical music is also contributed by mobile applications that help them discover new genre in music. Classic FM’s young composer, Alexis Ffrench, said that the radio company hired presenters that are not only fresh but vibrant like Charlotte Hawkins. He added that the radio program also introduced new segments including High Score which is intended for video game music.

When young people buy cheap CD keys to play new video games, they have no idea that they will be introduced to a new genre called classical music. This is something they shy away from before but through playing they are able to appreciate these old and meaningful pieces. For Classic FM, this rising trend proves to be a success for the business overall.