If you have been left behind as an executor of an estate, you must obtain EIN in Michigan in order to handle all the legal affairs. There is good news with the property market in the state as its value is starting to rise back up. For the past decade, the real estate market of Michigan was not looking very good but now the values of the properties are starting to rise all over the state. This helped the homeowners regain their equity and boost the balance sheets among businesses located between Hamtramck and Harbor Springs.

In Ferndale, the property values have increase by almost 50 per cent along with Lyon Township which is located in Oakland County. This is based on the figures recorded between 2014 and 2017. An increase of over one-third of its original value was seen in Allendale Township which is located at the exterior of the Grand Rapids. These figures are based on the statewide data gathered bythe Bridge Magazine.

As a whole, the market values have increase since 2014 with an average rate of 21 per cent which includes 1,500 townships as well as cities that are located within Michigan. This is a significant improvement when looking back at the prices which spiraled downwards for several years before. The increase is evident in all types of properties including agricultural, residential, commercial and industrial.

The owners are surely benefitting from the increasing property values but this news is not so good for the older municipalities. These are the ones that utilize their property taxes in order to maintain the budget’s balance, to continue funding the public parks and to pay their law enforcement.

Taxes are computed depending on a property’s taxable value and it is equal to 50 per cent of the market value. Considering the Michigan law, taxable value can go down as fast as possible but bringing it back up might not be as easy.

According to East Lansing’s city council member, Ruth Beier, the recovery is hard because the tax value does not improve. This is also one of the reason why it is required to obtain EIN in Michigan in order for businesses and entities to pay their due taxes.