A major challenge for property owners is finding tenants that actually want to live in their apartment or house. It is important to have a good first impression for the property to attract ideal tenants.

Attracting ideal tenants

George Astudillo, a real estate expert, said to The Huffington Post Australia that the problem with a majority of the rental properties is they feel, smell and look like every rental property. It is worth putting in efforts to attract the ideal tenants.

The ideal tenant is one who will make a landlord’s life easier by taking care of the property, as well as paying on time. It takes more work but be rewarding, if more effort is put in turning the rental into a home, Astudillo added.

Kerry McPherson, who is a property owner, also told The Huffington Post Australia that a clean property would set a standard a landlord expects from a tenant.

She mentioned that she learned the difficult way years back. In her Perth property, she only gave a small effort into making the place seem like a home to renters. Looking back, she said that it was not the ideal home for her.

Turning a rental to a home

Astudillo shared some tips to turn a rental to a home.

Fresh paint

A colour expert or an interior designer can assist in colour choices which are going to showcase the property, as well as making it look incredible. Colours can affect the mood, so utilize it to create serenity and warmth.

Expectedly, wear and tear happens, so repainting needs to be done every several years.

Extra clean bathrooms and kitchen

One of the rooms that the tenants initially judge according to suitability is the kitchen. It is normally the heart of the property, so it needs to feel pleasant to work in.

Bathrooms, on the other hand, not only need to be very clean, they should also sparkle. Shower screens must be spotless. The grout must look fresh and be entirely free of mould.

Level up the lighting

Good lighting is going to influence the style and mood. If the property has a good amount of natural light, that is a plus for tenants. If it does not have one, make sure that the lighting level is sufficient enough specifically in bathrooms and kitchens.

Carpets in great condition, without odour

Carpets do not last forever. When wear and tear is evident they must be replaced. Aside from them being clean, they also need to be odour free. There are services of professional carpet cleaning in Perth, or in any place in Australia, that does a good job in ensuring that carpets to be entirely clean and deodorised.