Experts suggest that couples should allow wedding planners as well as wedding catering in Sydney to take care of the romantic event so that they will not be stressed and anxious on the day of the wedding. Wedding planning and preparations are time consuming and stressful. Allow the professionals to take over so that you will enjoy the day with the guests.

More than half of the expenses of an average Australian wedding go to catering. Wedding feasts usually include a formal 3-course meal and drinks which can add up to about $18,683 including venue. According to ASIC’s Money Smart, total expenses for an average Australian wedding can reach $36,200.

The new trend that allows couples to save thousands on catering is to serve a whole roasted pig or lamb on a spit. About 70 to 80 guests of a garden wedding can be fed comfortably by a whole roast pig that is accompanied by salads and side dishes. A sit-down dinner can cost between $150 and $200 per guest while a whole roast pig or lamb only costs about $633. For 90 guests, the wedding couple will be spending $7 per head. When the roast pig is purchased with a buffet side dish, the total will be about $29 per guest.

For a wedding buffet package worth $36 per head, a couple can enjoy a luxurious honeymoon. According to Robert Bertoni co-owner of The Pig Baron in Sydney, most customers that order roast pig wedding buffet package are in their 30’s or older. They want to save money for a honeymoon or a deposit to a new home.

The one spit roast that costs $1,705 and feeds about 80 guests is an innovative way to minimize wedding costs. There is also a choice between buffet style services or communal platters served to seated guests by wait staff.

Wedding planning becomes more enjoyable through the personalized approach of wedding catering in Sydney that always ensures that everything is perfect. Menus are guaranteed to suit the style and size of the wedding. Couples have the option of formal sit-down menus, colourful food stations, quality canapé catering and buffet style reception.