To manage a sports bar in Singapore is not a walk in the park. You need skills and expertise in order to put your bar an edge among other entrants in the industry. Whether you are the owner or the manager of a sports bar, you should have the following insights and ready to dispense critical decisions to make your business work. Here are some tips in managing an effective workforce.

Pay fairly or even more

Waitresses in sports bars are usually subjected to harassments by customers. Some waitresses disregard sexual innuendos and harassments just to get more tips from customers but this doesn’t have to be so.  Your staff and personnel will have more dignity and work properly if they are provided with salary recommended by the government and the set worker’s standards.

Provide trainings

While waiting tables in sports bar in Singapore do not require heavy educational background or degree, there are certain skills that waitresses and staff in general need to acquire in order to serve your customers effectively. For instance, waitresses should know how to interact customers properly in such a friendly yet professional manner without appearing flirt or snobbish if they act too stiff. Waitresses should also be trained on how to conduct themselves in the midst of harassment especially that drunken customers can be uncontrollable at times.

Provide reasonable work schedule

There are those who work part time in restaurants so they can study, tend their family or personal needs or work in another job. Whatever the reason may be, it would be best to be more accommodating in your staff’s work schedule so long as they are effective in their job performance. When a worker feels that she is supported by the management, she will be encouraged to deliver more.

Provide recognition and incentives

One way to motivate employees and waitresses in sports bar in Singapore is through awards and recognitions. This will encourage your staff to be effective workers and at the same time, they will be inspired to be recognized. You can post the achievers for the month and give them incentive too.