Who wouldn’t know about Leonardo Gonzalez Dellan. He is a famous personality in Caracas, the capital of Venezuela. He has travelled the whole world just to get what he has to day. He is very successful and now lives in London to continue his legacy of being popular, rich and able to help the needy. He also owns some properties and businesses in Venezuela.

The country is in turmoil nowadays. Venezuela is even considered the most dangerous city in the entire world. Ordinary people are just suffering from the economic crisis they are in today. There is lack of food and medicines to help the needy. There is also public chaos which make the city unsafe to move around. However, if you really like to help, you can contact the website of leonardogonzalezdellan and see how you can help. You can be a volunteer to his charity works or donate items of any type like money.

If you check him out, you will know that he’s an entrepreneur and banker who rose in ranks from the late 90s to early the 2000s. He was the youngest president of one of the largest banks in Venezuela. For some time, he managed the bank successfully, until he stepped down to invest and drive the capital markets of the country.

In 2009, he moved with his family to London; however, he managed to own one of Latin America’s leading private company and leading brokerage firm in Venezuela. As he is now based in London, he managed to expand his business and have reached the lands of Europe and Latin America. He aims to have these continents benefit significantly with their economies.

leonardogonzalezdellan is also a famous restaurateur and philanthropist. He owns a variety of restaurants in Venezuela and is even topped as one of the best in Latin America. He has pictured that fast food chains will become successful in this continent, and he even hopes to think that it will soon cover other parts of the world. He also owns charities and foundations that cater to treatment and prevention of heart disease. He aims to provide education to impoverished children.  And this is what made him truly famous.