April 8, 2016 – Winter is finally over and now your HVAC system can take a slight break from the effort that it had exhibited during the cold season just to keep you warm. But while you can now enjoy the good weather outside and witness the plants coming back to life, your house would also need a little bit of your attention. Winter can be very unforgiving especially to your house and you would most likely do that spring cleaning and maintenance. However, it is also important that you pay extra attention to your HVAC system because in the next season, it would once again be working extra hard, this time trying to keep you cool while the sun raged on in the summer.

And you can only expect your electric bills to soar when summer finally arrives but there is a way that you can avoid that and this also involves your HVAC system. By caring for and maintaining your HVAC system in the spring, you’d be able to prepare it for summer so that it becomes more efficient at saving energy while still providing you with comfort.

  1. Service your air conditioner. By spring, you would probably start using your air conditioner once again. When you service your air conditioner weekly and replace its air filters, you would be able to reduce its energy consumption by 15%.
  2. Open your windows. Doing this would cool your house naturally without the need for using your air conditioner too much. Remember, spring brings in a gentle breeze.
  3. Use your ceiling fans. This would help disperse the trapped heat in the ceiling and coupled with the breeze outside, would cool your house without using the air conditioner too much which is a great help to your utility bills.
  4. Cook outside during good warm days. Cooking produces heat and when you cook inside, the heat emanating from it can cause your air conditioner to work harder but by cooking outside during warm days, you’d be able to lessen the work that your air conditioner does.
  5. Install window treatments. This is optional but if you install window treatments such as blinds, films or shades, you’d be able to prevent the heat from coming inside when it finally starts to warm up.

Lastly, whenever you think there is a problem with your HVAC system, don’t wait for it to progress, call KY HVAC professionals at once to solve it.