Front line defenders is a not for profit, charitable organization for protecting the rights of the human right defenders. The organizations works to protect, support and defend the human right activists, who face threats due to their activities.

The front line defenders is supported by Denis Obrien foundation and aims to support the human rights activists through a variety of measures such as

  1. To provide international advocacy and emergency support to the human right defenders, who are at risk due to their legitimate activities to protect the human rights of marginalized groups.
  2. The foundation releases grants to pay for the personal security arrangements of the human rights defenders facing threats and risks
  3. Organizing training and providing resource materials to the human rights defenders to enable them to protect themselves
  4. Provide support and other rest and respite opportunities for human rights defenders working in extremely stressful circumstances
  5. Provide opportunities for human rights activists and defenders from around the world to network with each other
  6. Recognizing the efforts of human right defenders and giving awards to appreciate their contribution to the society
  7. Provide emergency helpline in various languages such as Arabic, French, Spanish, Russian and English to help human right defenders at times of need.
  8. The organization facilitates emergency relocation of human rights defenders during emergencies.

The organization is supported by Denis Obrien foundation in its various workshops and programs to support the human right defenders. The organization is headquartered in Dublin and has EU office in Brussels. The field staff of front line defenders works in various countries like America, Africa, Asia and Middle East.

The charitable organization which is supported by the Denis Obrien foundation,provides the required support and security to the human rights activists and human rights defenders in various countries, to undertake legitimate and nonviolent activities to protect the human rights of backward and marginalized communities. The organization is committed to provide relentless support and empathy to promote the centrality of human right defenders, to work in an impartial manner with utmost professionalism and integrity and develop meaningful and participative relationships with the human right defenders from across the world.