Orchids are beautiful flowers that enhance the décor of any space, they are present. These beautiful indoor plants with bright and colourful flowers need proper care to make them last longer.

If you have orchid plants at home or planning to buy them, here are some easy tips from experienced orchid exporters in Thailand, to take care of your orchids.

  1. Orchids need lots of light. Place them in a corner which receives lots of bright and indirect light. An east-facingwindow which receives a lot of morning sunlight is an ideal place for your orchids. But shield your orchid plant from bright afternoon sun. Inspect the leaves of the plant from time to time and make sure it is receiving the right amount of sun light. Ideally the leaves of an orchid plant should be bright Olive green.
  2. One of the important tips from the orchid exporters in Thailand is to maintain the right temperature for the plants to grow and bloom. Maintain stable temperatures as frequent temperature fluctuations will cause the buds to drop off before they bloom.
  3. Once the orchids bloom and the flowers fade, you have to trim the stems. You have two choices here, either cut down the spike with the leaves or cut the stem just above the first node. If you opt to cut the spike down, the plant will develop strong stem with large and beautiful flowers, next year and if you just trim the stem above the first node, you will get a fresh batch of orchids in eight to twelve weeks.
  4. Orchid plants require watering once in a week. Use lukewarm water for orchid plants. Water the plants depending on the season, summer season might require frequent watering whereas winters need less. Water the orchid plant carefully as the crown of the plant should remain dry. Carefully water below the plant leaves and remove any water from the crown. The container should have proper drainage to drain excess water.
  5. Most of the orchid exporters in Thailand recommend to repot the orchid plants occasionally. Never use potting soil. Use moistened medium-grade bark to repot your orchid plants. Before repotting the plant, cut away any dried or mushy roots.