Malaka is the principal of a primary school that is exclusive for girls located in the center of Balkh. Balkh is one of the provinces found in Afghanistan and it is mostly mountains. Malaka is known as great principal not because she has excellent management skills but because of her devotion to each and every one of her students.

Malaka is known to spend her own personal money on students who do not have the means to buy their own school supplies just to make sure they don’t drop out from school. There was a time when the Provincial Education Directorate wanted her to have a third shirt in the school but she refused instantly. Malaka is adamant that she does not want to compromise the time the students in her school have to learn more. Malaka considers herself as a matriarch to the students rather than their administrator and she wants to be viewed as a role model that the students can follow. She desires to produce a generation where the women are not just articulated but also empowered in many ways.

She expressed how education is not enough but the girls in her school must have the confidence. Malaka is considered to be the new face representing all teachers in Afghanistan – she is capable, tenacious as well as committed. The country has entered a new ear, far more different than 15 years ago when the students who are able to go to school is fewer than a million and almost all of the girls does not have the privilege to go to school. Now there are around eight million students both in primary and secondary levels. According to the Ministry of Education, the number shows an increase of more than eight times the original number of students. Out of eight million students, 39 percent constitute girls.

There is also an ongoing problem in the lack of classrooms. Students use tents for classes, English lessons are done on playgrounds while physics classes are done on school hallways. For those interested to teach English as a foreign language, check out Entrust TEFL.