A funeral directors business from Bromsgrove recently celebrated their century of serving customers by dedicating themselves. They care and support for their community is evident in timed when someone passes away.

The family business was established back in 1916 and is called James Giles and Sons. It has been passed on for five generations and it is stronger over the years.

The business currently has 11 employees, six of which are family member, two are working full time and the three remaining employees are only working part time. They celebrated their 100 years in the business by hosting in Bromsgrove a special event in which they invited 180 people to make a toast with them and share their very important milestone. Around 80 to 890 of the guests are descendants of the founder James Giles.

The grandson of James, Raymond Noble, is the current company director along with his cousin James Robert. They said that the firm is successful because of the capacity of the family members to work together in a relaxed manner. This way, grieving families are more comfortable and they are comforted during the mourning process.

Noble shared that the business works as a team consist of members coming from the third to the fifth generation. Each of them invested themselves in order to make the future of the business better. He expressed that they are proud of their grandfather for establishing the businesses and they meant to continue his legacy.

The company used to be in the carpenters and joiners business but later on decided to become a funeral home instead. They are proud to provide not just funeral service but their personal touch in order to comfort the grieving families at their lowest point.

The firm used to be a supplier of rented cars used in wedding ceremonies but they stopped 40 years ago. They not have Jaguars and two vehicles dedicated for removal.

Noble also added that they listen to what the family wanted and let them decide on what they want for the funeral.

If you are looking for Funeral Directors in Mandurah, make sure to select one that cares not just for the loved one who pass but for the entire grieving family as well.