SHARE explains you are not alone if your creativity declines and flows like an ocean under a full moon.


When we were born, all of us had highly creative minds, but as we grew up, we start to exhibit a limit to creativity. When we start schooling, we stick to a specific task, stop day dreaming, and ask silly questions. As a result, creating new ideas is stopped.

Unfortunately, we bring into our adulthood the shutdown of creating new ideas, and no matter how imaginative we were previously, we bring this behaviourlike a cloud of the current creativity.

So the next time you think your creativity decreases drastically, allows us to recall that it is learned, not given. Start shifting to be creative by reflecting if you have these four options.

  • Trying to be Curious

Many creative people try to be highly curiousto perk their creativity. Once you have new,inspiring information, it triggers your brain to develop fresh ideas and connections. When we tend to be curious, we invigorate our brain cells and ideas come to spark.

  • Dwelling in Boredom

In London, they have a yearly event known as the Boring Conference, which celebrates the ordinary, the overlooked and the obvious, and can really be captivating.

When you feel less creative, try to picture your own Boring Conference like those in Try to determine what makes you really bored – such as projects, products, places, or even your clients and colleagues. Concentrate on these aspects and try to find truths and perspectives that inspire you.

  • StopTaking Risks

To perk your creativity and imagination, gather all aspects, whichincrease ideas that can be considerednonsensical or silly to others. Create an idea that makes it sensible to others.

  • Start Being Playful

When you play with your ideas, you allow your natural creativity to come out. But when you play with ideas, it doesn’t mean you are like playing ping-pong in your workplace. It is rather a state of mind, where the attitude prevails amidst difficult projects. Furthermore, when you tend to be playful in your creative ideas, you reward yourself with the kind of delight just like how a child can move in a game. Let teach you how you can play with your minds.