Homeowners who are planning to perform termite inspection in Sydney will be happy to know that there is an innovative mobile application developed to detect termites. The app is called Termite Buster and it aims to avoid additional damage to properties infested with white ants.

An expert entomologist said that around $1.5 billion are spent annually in Australia to fund repairs of damages due to termite attacks.

The entomologist is Ion Staunton and it has been six decades since he started in the termite industry. According to him, the worst thing that homeowners can experience due to termite attack is the negative effect on the resell price of the property.

In a separate surveys spearheaded by Archicentre Australia and CSIRO a few years back, they found out that one in every three houses suffer from termite damage. Australia houses the worst kind of termites and its damage can slash around $50,000 from the price value of a home.

Mr. Staunton said that wood eating termites are in existence all over Australia except for one state, Tasmania, where no traces are found. He found the termite app to be a good thing.

Mr. Staunton explained that the Termite Buster app is one of the simplest methods to verify of there are termites inside a property. You can detect a termite as long as you have your phone but he still recommends homeowners to consult with professionals.

The co-founder of the mobile application, Chris Kirk, said that it is the first of its kind and the success rate is found to be 96 per cent.

The detection software employed by Termite Buster is patented. With the use of the software, termites living inside walls and structures can be detected with the help of a high level of sensitivity microphone.

The sound of the termites is recorded by the app and then analysed. Mr. Kirk said that it is the cheapest option as termites detecting devices can cost a few thousands of dollars while a professional termite inspection in Sydney would cost a few hundred of dollars. The developers clarified that it was not made to replace professionals but only for those who want to perform regular inspection.