Majority of the homeowners would think that the only way to have a bathroom vanity is to buy one from the local shop or to order from a manufacturer. If people would just tap their inner creativeness then they would be able to find alternatives that are not just unique but also functional just like an actual bathroom vanity. Alternatives range from cabinets, sideboards as well as desks which can all be repurposed in order to have a storage as well as adequate surface space. Here is some of the home furniture that can be transformed into a bathroom vanity.

  • Cabinets used for storing art, map or blueprint. The best thing about these cabinets is that it has shallow drawers in order to store papers as well as documents in a horizontal manner. There are cabinets that are big enough to fit in two sinks. A little tweaking such as increasing the depth as well as making the drawer more functional is needed.
  • Antique desk. One may think that an old desk is only suited for seated work. When used as a bathroom vanity, it can be very useful in many ways such as getting ready for work during rush hours in the morning and washing up during bedtime. All it needs is a little customization by adding an overmount sink as well as plumbing.
  • Student desk. If you have a student desk lying around inside the house without a useful purpose then it can be transformed into a bathroom vanity with side drawers as well as enough space for the counter.
  • Filing cabinet. The sad truth is that we are suing less paper nowadays that a filing cabinet is proving to be useless as time goes by. This does not mean that you have to throw it out right away. There are other uses for the filing cabinet. It can be a bathroom vanity because of the deep drawers which can be used as storage space.

Look around the house and see what furniture, either old or new, can be repurposed and turned into a bathroom vanity. If you don’t have one then it is time to head to the store and buy a Small Vanity Unit with Lots of Storage.