About Us

About Us

In the past, the main source of news was the newspapers until the introduction of radio. Televisions followed soon after and the latest news was not only read or heard, it was viewed from videos and images collected by reporters. With the emergence of internet, people have another option with online news. Global newspapers soon had an online version of their news and it became a more convenient option because news can be accessed with a few clicks on the mouse.

At Duluc Auto Group, we give our readers a different kind of news. Our objective is to share news about the auto industry including the different technologies and innovations that are now being pursued in the industry. There are many developments in the auto industry that we want to share with our readers because the expectations of customers today on vehicle quality, reliability and safety are an all-time high.

We are witnessing many changes in the auto industry through globalization of the industry, government partnerships and business alliances. With all these changes, the industry is on the verge of massive development to address the needs of people, communities, businesses and governments. It is our objective at Duluc Auto Group to provide our readers with the most recent news and information on projects that are now taking shape in the industry.

We gather out data from reliable news stories and from marketing surveys and we combine this information to form our assessments on the new technology. Our hope is for our analyses to be useful to our readers who are looking for emerging markets and business opportunities in the auto industry.

Duluc Auto Group has formed a community where our readers can form human to human interaction. This means you can collaborate, learn and share your opinions with others on the web. If you have interesting articles to share, we invite to contact us through www.dulucautogroup.com. We want our readers to have the opportunity to share their stories with our audience. Feel free to join us at Duluc Auto Group. We are also open to suggestions to so that this site will be more helpful.