How To Purchase Authentic NRL Clothing


If you are a football aficionado,you are surely on a constant lookout for shops where you can purchase NRL clothing and other collectible items apart from watching to every NRL game. There are a lot of online shops where you can get more value for yourmoney but choose one that offers high quality products at a reasonable price and also delivers items within reasonable time. Here are some tips in choosing the right NRL shop for your clothing and NRL items supplies.

Review the supplier’s reputation

Before you choose an online shop from where you will purchase your NRL items, make it a point to read reviews and check the supplier’s reputation as a seller. You can find customer testimonials at the supplier’s official website or also from third party sites. As an option, you can also read or participate the exchanges in discussion boards to get more buyer’s ideas. Choose an NRL clothing supplier with excellent reviews that are provided by actual customers.

Check the return and exchange policy                                                  

One of the important things to check from an online supplier is its return and exchange policy. When you purchase online, you can never be sure on thequality of the items unless you receive it. The NRL clothing might be too big or small for you or you might have changed your mind when you see its actual colour. To ensure that your money will be protected, choose an online supplier that allows return or replacement or items with money back guarantee. Find out if the online shop has an offline store that you can visit. Read and understand the refund policy especially the fine prints. Find out if you can return the items if you are not satisfied with them for whatever reason. If the online shop accepts return or exchange, find out how many days can you return or replacement the items.

Promos and discounts

You can find a supplier of NRL clothing that offers discounted items and promos if you would just search on the internet. There are shops that also accept vouchers and gift checks.

Nest Welcomes New Competition In Home Security System


Ring has recently announced that they are launching a new product that will connect all of the current brand products including doorbells, security cameras and lights. When this is done, this is much like every complete home security systems created which may be employed to monitor everything that is happening inside a property.

The announcement was made a few weeks after the reveal from Nest about their venture into the industry of home security systems. Nest is known to manufacture their brand of home security cameras and a smart doorbell which is yet to be released in the market. Nest showed to the public a package they offer which comes with a keypad and sensors that can be fitted in either two doors or two windows. The package is priced at $499.

Ring, on the other hand, has also announced about their new product named Ring Protect. This is a much affordable alternative to Nest. The base unit is only worth $199 and it comes with one sensor that can be installed in a door or a window as well as a motion detector. Buyers planning to purchase additional sensors may do so for a charge of $20 each. Motion sensors are also sold separately at $30 each. Using the price tag of Nest, one will be able to install sensors in 10 windows along with five rooms when they opt for the brand under Ring.

It does not come as a surprise that the monitoring service of Ring is also quite cheap. You have the option not to pay anything but the alerts will only be forwarded to your phone. If you pay a service fee of $100, Ring will set up someone to ring your home in case the alarm is triggered. As of the moment, there is no news as to the subscription fee of the monitoring service provided by Nest. Ring can compete head-to-head with ADT in terms of the price because the minimum costs will only be around $450 annually.

Homeowners should also keep in mind that the price tag should not be the priority but rather the quality of the home security systems they are considering to make sure they get their money’s worth.

UK Outlines Plan To Be The Safest Place To Be Online

Computer Keyboard with symbolic padlock key

The United Kingdom’s Culture Secretary, Karen Bradley, gave a speech this October 2 at the Conservative Party’s conference in Manchester, where she stated her intention to make UK into a bastion of cyber security; one of the safest places, if not the safest place, to go online in the world, a vision she aims to implement with the cooperation of social media sites, and other online companies, even firms such as Studio BKK, for the future of the online side of the country.

The UK government has now implemented a new plan around this vision, which has three primary points.

  • First, a proposed code of conduct for social media companies to adhere to.
  • Second, for social media companies to design products with a ‘safety first’ mentality.
  • Lastly, have schools teach online safety education.

Bradley stated that the code of practice as being akin to a guideline and minimum standards, but did not elaborated further, simply adding that they were aimed at major online issues, such as trolling or cyber-abuse.

Trolling and cyber-abuse, especially of women, are a hot topic for the country. Caroline Criado-Perez, the woman who campaigned to have author Jane Austen appear on the £10 note, reported that she had received a considerable amount of death threats, about 50 per hour. Even politicians were not safe, with a recent study showing that 2-4% of tweets sent to politicians in the time preceding the 2017 General Election as abusive in nature, with most of the insults being aimed at female politicians, and Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn being the subject of the most amount of negative tweets in the country,

Part of her speech included Bradley saying that the UK will support tech companies in adopting a ‘safety by design’ principle in their developments, meaning that online companies such as StudioBKK will consider internet safety during the design process.

However, since most of the social products online come from Silicon Valley, the affects of the initiative are in a bit of doubt, whilst UK is more towards fintech and insutech, where harassment and abuse aren’t as big of an issue.

Bradley added that schools will now handle social media and online safety education, introducing online safety skills into the national curriculum. There have been some doubt regarding this, as social media is a constantly updating topic.

Full details on the plan are to be released in a government green paper, but much of what’s proposed is noted voluntary in nature and limited to the borders of UK, at that.

London’s Wallet-Friendly Rent Boroughs


With the recent influx of collegiate graduates across UK moving into London this September, the issues with pricing of flats in London for rent has been in the spotlight more than ever, with the opportunity seeking graduates having to face the capital’s reportedly extortionate rent and living costs.

The UK think tank, Centre for Cities, published data in last 2016 regarding the costs graduates that were moving into the capital had to face. According to the data, 22% of graduates who had graduated managed to migrate and find work in the capital within six months of their graduate, which is a good number.

However, upon heading to the capital, most risk losing over 45% of their monthly salary, which amounts to about £1,972 after tax, to the costs of flats in London for rent, according to the most recent iteration of the Landbay Rental Index.

According to the index, graduates who were sharing a three-bedroom property spent 45% of their monthly pay, whilst those sharing two-bedroom abodes spent 49%, with young professionals living solo taking the brunt, with 75% of their  salary spent strictly on rent.

A typical one-bedroom property will set someone back by, at least £1,445/month, with the UK monthly rent average for the same kind of property clocking in at £1,013. These prices are in spite of the recent year-on-year descent of rent pricing, the first in eight years.

However, for those who don’t want to spend so much on paying for their flats in London for rent, there are certain boroughs in the  capital that feature lower renting costs, such as Bexley, which has an average of £1,004/month, a few pounds lower than the national average.

The rankings from Landbay are as follows:

Ranking London borough Avg monthly rent
1 Bexley 1004
2 Sutton 1056
3 Havering 1072
4 Croydon 1125
5 Bromley 1169
6 Hillingdon 1192
7 Barking and Dagenham 1203
8 Lewisham 1232
9 Redbridge 1249
10 Enfield 1252
11 Waltham Forest 1255
12 Kingston upon Thames 1280
13 Greenwich 1308
14 Harrow 1324
15 Hounslow 1393
16 Haringey 1398
17 Brent 1442
18 Ealing 1461
19 Merton 1475
20 Newham 1476
21 Barnet 1481
22 Richmond upon Thames 1575
23 Lambeth 1652
24 Southwark 1690
25 Wandsworth 1721
26 Hackney 1728
27 Tower Hamlets 1734
28 Islington 1839
29 Hammersmith and Fulham 1886
30 City of London 2074
31 Camden 2219
32 Westminster 2891
33 Kensington and Chelsea 3042

For those aiming for proximity to the capital and a postcode, Lewisham is a viable option, with averages at £1,232, ranking at 8th, being a convenient 15-minute train ride from the City.

Unsurprisingly, the upscale boroughs such as Kensington & Chelsea, Fulham & Hammersmith, Westminster,  and Camden clock in with the highest average rent prices.

PTT To Enter Hospitality Industry


PTT Plc is the leading corporation in the nation that dabbles with gas and oil. They are already busy finding a partner before the month of November in order to venture into the budget hotel market. Their investment will be focused on budget establishments that are located close to the petrol stations owned by the corporation. Despite the high supply, value hotel in Bangkok is recognized to be in high demand as well.

AuttapholRerkpiboon, the executive vice president in charge of oil business, said that they are already targeting three potential partners that are all experts in hotel management.

The decision of the company is a part of a measure they are taking in order to diversify their business. This is a strategy to reduce the risks that come with the unpredictable price of oil in the global market due to the pressures from the retail sectors and the industries that are not oil related.

Mr. Auttapol did not reveal the names of the probable company partners but he shared that the hotels they are planning to invest in will have between 30 and 80 rooms for guests.

PTT is still deliberating whether to construct the budget hotels using the lands owned by the company while employing the expertise of their chosen partner or if they are going to make investments together with their partners to find locations for the new hotels. These locations can be leased based on a long-term contract.

The company is planning to build around 50 hotels that are close to their petrol stations within a five-year period. Each construction site will be allocated with 2 to 3 rai. While on the planning stage, the company is also busy with the spinning off procedures they need to do in order to create a single unit with the PTT Oil and Retail Co with a business worth 122 billion baht. It will also be included in the Stock Exchange of Thailand.

Tourists looking for value hotel in Bangkok will have more options in the coming years if the venture of PTT becomes a success.

S31, A Business Hotel In Sukhumvit To Cater To All Your Business And Recreation Needs


In a few short years, Bangkok has changed from a city famous for its street food and tuktuks to a business destination. Many multinational companies meet in Thailand to hold big conferences, inviting guests from the Western countries, and guests from the East. Due to its central location on the world map, it plays host to businessmen and business women from multiple countries. For these conferences, the major task is to determine where to accommodate all the business people. Sukhumvit is an area in central Bangkok popularized for its bars, restaurants and hotels catering to Thailand’s more affluent. It is home to some amazing places for business people to stay at. Therefore one can easily find an amazing business hotel in Sukhumvit for these conferences.

The S31 hotel can be considered one such choice for a business hotel in Sukhumvit as it has some amazing facilities for business people. Its rooms range from the small but well equipped deluxe rooms which have en-suite workstations, all the way up to large family rooms which have umpteen space for many business people to gather and discuss. This hotel has free Wi-Fi for all the guests, and other amenities to be discussed later. On the business front, it has three facilities:

  • An all-purpose meeting room, which is ideal for making presentations,
  • A large business centre with many computer stations for guests to use,
  • A humongous function hall that can house up to 1200 guests. The major features of this hall are that it is pillarless and has many floor-to-ceiling windows, giving it a very aesthetically pleasing look.

However this business hotel in Sukhumvit is not all work and no play. It doesn’t want to make Jack a dull boy, and so in this stead offers many recreational facilities. It has a saltwater outdoor pool and jacuzzi, and offers numerous discounts on its spa facilities. For those who want to stay in shape, this hotel even houses a gym or fitness area, where it has equipment for cardio as well as muscle building. This fitness center has changing rooms for men and women separately, making it a very comfortable place for all the guests who come to stay here.

Lincoln County Library Holds Word Art Exhibit


The Lincoln County Public Library in Stanford, Kentucky is currently playing host to an unorthodox kind of art exhibit, one celebrating Word Art, as part of an effort by the Kentucky Arts Council, called the ‘The Illustrated Word’.

‘The Illustrated Word’ is an initiative by the Kentucky Arts Council celebrating word art across the state, with selected public libraries across the state display illustrated word art submitted by local artists from Kentucky, with the Word Art being artwork that connects visual art with written art; literature, like poems and the like.

Library director Amanda Gearhart has expressed that the library is proud to be part of this initiative, that it is proud to be the host for the Kentucky Arts Council’s ‘The Illustrated Word exhibit’. She states that the exhibit is unique due to its combination of both visual and written art, and that this uniqueness is a good way for the Lincoln County Public Library to connect and inspire the local community.

The exhibit opened last September 11, 2017, Monday, from 5 to 7 PM with an opening ceremony with live music provided by Jeff Cain as well as complimentary drinks.  The exhibit is currently running and will continue to do so until the 21st of October on the same year.

The Kentucky Arts Council’s Executive Director, stated that the exhibit was unorthodox and uncommon, due to the challenge of combining visual art and literature, but stated that the art that’s part of the exhibit managed to accomplish just that.

In addition to being exhibited in public libraries, ‘The Illustrated Word’ will also be displayed at Kentucky Crafted: The Market, from the 21st to the 23rd of April the following year at the Lexington Convention Center, after its display at the participating public libraries

The Lincoln County Public Library is located at 201 Lancaster St, Stanford, open to the public at the following times:

  • MWF, 9 AM – 6 PM
  • TTH, 9 AM – 8 PM
  • Sat, 9 AM – 3 PM

‘The Illustrated Word’ exhibit will also be on display at the Boyle County Public Library from May 3 – June 22, 2018.

App Developed To Catch Termite Nests


Homeowners who are planning to perform termite inspection in Sydney will be happy to know that there is an innovative mobile application developed to detect termites. The app is called Termite Buster and it aims to avoid additional damage to properties infested with white ants.

An expert entomologist said that around $1.5 billion are spent annually in Australia to fund repairs of damages due to termite attacks.

The entomologist is Ion Staunton and it has been six decades since he started in the termite industry. According to him, the worst thing that homeowners can experience due to termite attack is the negative effect on the resell price of the property.

In a separate surveys spearheaded by Archicentre Australia and CSIRO a few years back, they found out that one in every three houses suffer from termite damage. Australia houses the worst kind of termites and its damage can slash around $50,000 from the price value of a home.

Mr. Staunton said that wood eating termites are in existence all over Australia except for one state, Tasmania, where no traces are found. He found the termite app to be a good thing.

Mr. Staunton explained that the Termite Buster app is one of the simplest methods to verify of there are termites inside a property. You can detect a termite as long as you have your phone but he still recommends homeowners to consult with professionals.

The co-founder of the mobile application, Chris Kirk, said that it is the first of its kind and the success rate is found to be 96 per cent.

The detection software employed by Termite Buster is patented. With the use of the software, termites living inside walls and structures can be detected with the help of a high level of sensitivity microphone.

The sound of the termites is recorded by the app and then analysed. Mr. Kirk said that it is the cheapest option as termites detecting devices can cost a few thousands of dollars while a professional termite inspection in Sydney would cost a few hundred of dollars. The developers clarified that it was not made to replace professionals but only for those who want to perform regular inspection.

Tips To Avoid Bed Bug Pest Control In Newcastle


Bed bugs are some of the most irritating insects that can infiltrate your home. Their bites leave visible marks than when scratched could lead to irritation and even skin infection. They can also lead to disrupted and uncomfortable sleep which is why it is important to get the services for bed bug pest control in Newcastle the moment you see signs that you have the pests in your bed and upholstered furniture. While it can be costly and annoying to have these bugs at home, there are effective ways to prevent having them or having them back after a previous debugging. Here are some of the best bug prevention techniques.

  • Steam dry your mattress, pillows, mattress toppers and other beddings at least once or twice in every month. This will effectively kill bed bugs that may have thrived in your beddings.
  • Leave your upholstered furniture, couches and mattresses out in the open to sun dry them at least once a week or every other week. This will not just keep those bed bugs away but it will also prolong the life of your furniture and other bed items.
  • Use mattress and box spring covers to eliminate potential hiding spots of bugs. Choose high quality covers to ensure that they will not easily tear. Prefer light colour encasements to make it easier for you to see signs of bed bugs.
  • To avoid getting the services of bed bug pest control in Newcastle, make it a point to check second hand furniture, couches and beds for signs of bed bugs before taking them home.
  • Vacuum regularly to eliminate remaining bed bugs or bugs that found their way to your beddings and living spaces.
  • As much as possible, keep an orderly and organized home to prevent having a hiding place for those bed bugs.
  • Seal cracks on your walls or crevices that may be used by bugs as their thriving area.

If you see signs and presence of insects at home or in your perimeters, immediately call a company that specialise on bed bug pest control in Newcastle to solve the issue right away and effectively.

Tips For Safe Outdoor Team Building Activities


One of the activities that organizations look forward is team bonding. It supports camaraderie and friendship among members of the organization. Company events such as outdoor team building activities give employees some break from their office deliverables and allow them to enjoy and get some relaxation. For an effective activity, hire expert facilitators to handle the event.

If you are going to have the event in an outdoor setting, you would have to do some extra preparation to ensure the participants safety. Here are some precautionary measures that you can take.

Secure a medical waiver

There are team members who may require special care and you may not know about this. For all you know, there might be pregnant in your team or somebody who is going through medical attention. You might have a team member with physical disability or have gone through recent operation. To keep your members safe during outdoor team building activities, distribute a medical waiver and have the members sign it. This way, they can be exempted from participating in the activities and you can just assign them with other less demanding tasks such as for the registration, time keeping and score keeping.

Keep a standby medics team

Outdoor activities could require participants to be physical and they could get into accidents. Have your company nurse or security personnel around during the activity. Make sure that they have ample supply of first aid kits or medicines for minor ailments such as headache or body pain. As an alternative, you can hire an external medical team so your nurses and security personnel can also join in the activity.

Keep a steady water supply and refreshments

Provide ample supply of water and refreshments including sweets to keep your team hydrated and with energy level up. Exposure to sunlight and engaging in physical activities can lead to dehydration and exhaustion.

Apply sunscreen

Remind your team to have important items during outdoor team building activities such as towels, sunglasses, caps and other sun protection including sun screen lotions and extra tee shirts .