Elton John’s Art Collection Including Done By Canvas Printing Melbourne Auctioned


Having your very own collection of various works art whether it’s a collection of painting painted by famous painters of the past or, a hall filled with life-sized sculptures, is already considered as a luxury that is only reserved to the few members of the topmost spot of our society, the rich ones. You see, a simple painting, no matter how boring the subject may be, can now cost as much as a second-hand car in the market owing to the mere fact that some of the paintings that are usually sold through auctions are actually works of some of the most-recognized, multi-awarded figures in the history of art. In fact, some art collectors, mostly celebrities in the entertainment industry and politicians, are even willing to spend millions on certain artistic artefacts because they can see the value of these items and they also believe that these items will bring them more fortune in the future because unlike other collectible items, the monetary value of any given art collection that is properly maintained and kept in pristine condition has the tendency to increase and by the time a collector decides to hold an auction for his collectibles, his collection will be an instant hit in terms of the money it can generate. Nowadays, photos and paintings that are printed by companies who do professional canvas printing Melbourne, are now among the items that are usually collected by celebrities.

Last May of 2017, legendary singer and composer, Elton John, together with his life partner, David Furnish, had begun rationalizing their art collection that has been display in various homes in Atlanta, Los Angeles, London, Venice and southern France. In fact, some of them, including some art works that were printed via canvas printing Melbourne, had been put into auction in Sydney in Down Under Australia. Just to give you an idea as to how serious is Elton John as a collector, one of the canvases he owned was auctioned up to 150,000 US Dollars. In fact, while Elton John is a known art collector, what the public doesn’t now is that he usually buys art works in Australia.

Technology To Help Insurers In Redefining Themselves


Insurers are given the opportunity to redefine themselves through technology. The advent of tablets and smartphones, the rapid reduction in the costs of computing and the introduction of artificial intelligence, machine learning and bots have literally transformed how insurance business must be done. With the emergence of Internet of Things (IoT) and a wide range of connected devices, consumer data can be captured easily in real time.

With all the recent developments in technology a world class experience can be delivered by insurers across various digital channels. Insurance companies will no longer see themselves as simply payers to cover unforeseen circumstances but as partners who can provide support and help prevent such events from occurring. The business of insurance is moving away from simply being a protection to prevention.

Every customer’s journey will be fully re-imagined. For example, when a customer changes the home address, insurers can proactively reach out to create a basic partnership with GPS tracking that will provide alerts on potential location to prompt the customer to give the latest information.

A significant difference in customer engagement will be experienced. For example, a customer who is in the hospital because the wife has just delivered a baby can receive a message from the life insurance company congratulating him on the happy event. The message could also explain the advantages of a child education plan to cover college education in the future. The plan can be availed off by simply clicking on a button without any required documentation.

Serving retirees is one of the largest responsibilities in India today. According to data from the World Bank, more than 350 million people will be over the age of 50 by 2030. Single holistic platform can be createdwhere financial contributions, vested benefits and periodic payouts can be accessed conveniently through a swipe at a screen.

Every insurer must know how to sell insurance effectively. Consumers are now more tech savvy and they prefer to interact online instead of face-to-face discussions. Web pages must offer informative and updated content with a useful guide that can be downloaded by consumers to assist in their buying journey.

Scientists Prodded To Be More Sensitive When Introducing Pest Control To The Public


Edy MacDonalds, a social scientist, has been warning researchers to be more sensitive when it comes to introducing invasive form of pest control. Pest removal in Syndey is often heard but the biggest challenge that scientists are facing is that they are not capable of explaining the research they are doing to the public especially the fact that they are not acknowledging the sensitivity of a topic which involves killing animals. There are those that get upset in the process.

She said that they are only taking about fact, science, evidence, correlations as well as the “p value” used but the public is not interested with those things.

Dr. MacDonald is the speaker during the conference held for Australasian Vertebrate Pest. There are rumors that they are creating potential weapons that will change the pest control market in the country. This is in an effort to fight the invasive population of pest animals.

They have developed a herpes virus that will eliminate the carps that have been the reason for clogging in the waterways of Murray Darling. They have also developed more advanced bio-control specifically for rabbits and a technology called gene drive that will affect the reproductive cycle of the feral animals thus reducing their population.

However, Dr. MacDonald has offered a word of caution regarding the past experiences with regards to the public while taking the GM technology as an example which has caused public resistance. She said that majority of the people react based on their value system without considering the scientific facts.

This is why she advised scientists to talk to the public while addressing their values because if they failed to do so then it will end up in another debacle which is what happened with climate change and is still happening up to this day.

It is true that scientific facts alone will not gather the support of the public when it comes to pest removal in Sydney. Despite this, scientists should always consult the public before they release a new technology that will disrupt the nature of things.

Arousing Your Creativity And Imagination As A Graphic Designer

creativity word cloud on blackboard explains you are not alone if your creativity declines and flows like an ocean under a full moon.


When we were born, all of us had highly creative minds, but as we grew up, we start to exhibit a limit to creativity. When we start schooling, we stick to a specific task, stop day dreaming, and ask silly questions. As a result, creating new ideas is stopped.

Unfortunately, we bring into our adulthood the shutdown of creating new ideas, and no matter how imaginative we were previously, we bring this behaviourlike a cloud of the current creativity.

So the next time you think your creativity decreases drastically, allows us to recall that it is learned, not given. Start shifting to be creative by reflecting if you have these four options.

  • Trying to be Curious

Many creative people try to be highly curiousto perk their creativity. Once you have new,inspiring information, it triggers your brain to develop fresh ideas and connections. When we tend to be curious, we invigorate our brain cells and ideas come to spark.

  • Dwelling in Boredom

In London, they have a yearly event known as the Boring Conference, which celebrates the ordinary, the overlooked and the obvious, and can really be captivating.

When you feel less creative, try to picture your own Boring Conference like those in Try to determine what makes you really bored – such as projects, products, places, or even your clients and colleagues. Concentrate on these aspects and try to find truths and perspectives that inspire you.

  • StopTaking Risks

To perk your creativity and imagination, gather all aspects, whichincrease ideas that can be considerednonsensical or silly to others. Create an idea that makes it sensible to others.

  • Start Being Playful

When you play with your ideas, you allow your natural creativity to come out. But when you play with ideas, it doesn’t mean you are like playing ping-pong in your workplace. It is rather a state of mind, where the attitude prevails amidst difficult projects. Furthermore, when you tend to be playful in your creative ideas, you reward yourself with the kind of delight just like how a child can move in a game. Let teach you how you can play with your minds.


Raising The Standards Of Luxury Residences In Thailand


An agreement was signed between Apex Development PCL and Marriott International Inc. for the launching of “The Residences at Sheraton Phuket Grand Bay.” This will be the first of the Sheraton-branded residences that will be located in Po Bay Phuket with rental management in Thailand. The residences will be located on a mountain slope with a beachfront stunning view.

The Sheraton Phuket Grand Bay Resort and Residences is delighted to partner with Marriott International that is famous for quality excellence in their services and high occupancy rates. Since Sheraton is also a popular name in the hospitality industry, it can enhance the property value of the resort as well as the residences. Sheraton Phuket Grand Bay Hotel will offer 183 guest rooms while the residences will comprise of 101 units of pool villas and suites.

Buyers of residences will benefit from the strong customer base of Marriott and rental management of the residences. Buyers will also enjoy a 30-night free stay privilege every year. Both the resort and residences will feature Sheraton’s signature brand of offerings that include luxury sleep experience, rejuvenating bath amenities and grandiose lobby area and bar. Sheraton Phuket Grand Bay and Residences is just a 20-minute drive from Phuket International Airport and conveniently located near the Grand Marina and Mission Hill’s Golf Resort.

Since it will be the first residences in Thailand with the Sheraton brand, it can easily resonate with travelers and customers in Thailand. As a global icon, Sheraton is well prepared to meet the demands for luxurious accommodations. Phuket and Thailand are important markets for Marriott that focuses on leisure travel. Because of the hotel’s strategic location, the project will be a welcome expansion for the brand footprint of Sheraton in Thailand. The residences are scheduled to be completed in the 3rd quarter of 2019 while the resort hotel will open at the 2nd quarter of 2020.

Travelers can experience a slice of paradise in a luxury residence with panoramic views of the Andaman Sea and jungle foliage. If you want to enjoy luxurious living in a residence that comes complete with swimming pools, spas and world class restaurants, just click on

Shop Until You Drop In Bangkok


Bangkok is literally a “shop till you drop” tourist destination. Many vacations are planned around various shopping opportunities to explore the widely famous Chatuchak weekend market or the Esplanade shopping and entertainment complex. Yes indeed, Bangkok is a shopper’s paradise where visitors can buy everything from branded t-shirts to antiques and celadon ceramics.

However, aside from being a shopping paradise, Bangkok is also considered as a hub of transportation, business and industry and continues to move forward with transport and infrastructure developments. A dramatic improvement in Bangkok was immediately noticed after the completion of the 7,700-acre Suvarnabhumi International Airport which was ranked as one of the world’s seven largest airports.

Remarkable improvements were also experienced by business and industry when Bangkok built the main transport lines of BTS Sky Train and MRT subway that made it very efficient and convenient to travel within and outside the city. A significant increase was also felt in the sudden increase of Thai and expatriate population.

Five years from now, the areas in Bangkok that will have the potential to be developed will be the inner core or what is more typically known as the centre of the city. The best indications are the landmarks like the new Stock Exchange of Thailand headquarters and the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China. There are other future mega-projects along the route of the Sky Train from high end shopping malls, office buildings, embassies and 5-star and 6-star hotels.

By 2021, people can expect the launch of 10 more electric train routes that will bring visitors from the inner areas of Bangkok to the main existing mass transit routes. An airport link will also make it convenient for domestic and internal travellers to travel to Bangkok. Another landmark for the future will be the tallest building in ASEAN at the inner core of Bangkok.

If you are passionate about shopping, your best option is hotel near Esplanade Mall that hosts retail stores, restaurants, bookstores, a supermarket, skating rink and musical theatre. The hotel is also conveniently located on the same road as the Thailand Cultural Centre and the Korean Embassy.

A New Brand Of 5-Star Boutique Hotel In Bangkok To Come In 2020


Regardless if you’re traveling to an Asian country like the Philippines or Japan, or a 1st-world country like the United States or even a country in Europe, one of the most important things you need to plan way ahead of time is the hotel where you will be staying. Unless you have a relative or a friend who has a place where you can stay for free, a good choice of a hotel is important because it will serve as your home away from home so remember that when choosing a hotel, keep in mind that you should always consider two things: your safety and of course, your comfort. When choosing among the hotels that you’ve researched so far, it’s ideal that you look for a hotel that has low rates but cheapness doesn’t make that specific hotel a good choice because the room rates might be ridiculously cheap but what about the quality of service you might get or the number of amnesties that the hotel can offer? Most of the time, prices don’t dictate whether or not a hotel is a good choice. In fact, paying a little bit more is better than paying less because first and foremost, you are paying to be safe and comfortable during your stay. Now, when you are traveling to Bangkok, the capital of the Kingdom of Thailand, you can opt to stay at a 5-star boutique hotel in Bangkok which offers a unique, dashingly awesome stay because of the luxurious amenities and tons of perks you will get to enjoy.

Despite already filled with a big number of hotels and apartments in the city, Bangkok’s hotel industry is set to another 5-star boutique hotel in Bangkok, a new kind of its own, come the year 2020. pentahotels, a German design-led and neighbourhood band, has recently come out with an interesting announcement that it intends to open the first pentahotel in Bangkok, Thailand 3 years from now. The said project was said to be the fruit of a new management agreement that the company has signed with The Nest Property Company Limited, a subsidiary under the PM Group. The good news is, upon completion, the said branch of pentahotel will be located in the very central business area of Bangkok.

Smart Windows For Energy Efficiency


Windows play a very important role when it comes to energy efficiency. According to the US Green Building Council (USGBC) loss of energy usually happens through windows. A glass pane can lose or gain up to ten times the amount of heat than wall space of similar size. Previously, traditional glass was used on windows but with smart window technology, there is better user interface with buildings.

Previously when sunlight got into your eyes, you will get out of the chair, go to the drapes or blinds, draw them down to be raised later in the day. According to the results of a research made by N-Tech Research, it was predicted that the current market for smart windows that is currently $40 million will grow to about $500 million by 2019.

Several years ago, W Hotel in San Francisco replaced their conventional windows in the lobby space with smart windows from View, a company that produces smart glass in Milpitas, California. The hotel decided on smart glass because during sunny days the hotel windows will automatically tint to block heat and glare. During overcast days, the tint automatically adjusts to a lower level.

View is one of the major players in the industry of smart window systems. The other one is Minnesota-based Sage Glass. Both of the companies rely on electrochromic technology for their windows wherein glass is coated with nano layers of metal oxides. Once sunlight hits the coated glass, ions will move between the various layers to change the structure and tint of glass. Further technology is integrated through tint control using a Smartphone or tablet.

View estimates that over the lifetime of the smart glass, energy usage will be reduced by at least 20%. There is also a conservative estimate that the smart windows can enhance productivity by up to 2%.

If you are going to install glass on your windows, you can have the window glass cut to size so that it will be an exact fit. You will also require glass cutting service if you are going to replace the broken glass on your window. A better option however, is emergency service for the replacement or repair of your windows.

Why Couples Need To Consider Wedding Insurance


Weddings are known to be expensive all over the world. There are many things to spend on such as the expensive reception venue, the catering, the dress and the littlest details such as looking for chair hire in Melbourne. How do you deal when something tragic goes wrong during your wedding day? How will you cope if the venue was covered in flood or the caterer did not show or worst, your wedding dress was damaged?

Wedding insurance are made in order for the couple to receive something in case unexpected things happen but there are also things not covered by many wedding insurance including huge sum of money, honeymoon and cold feet.

It is also common for extreme outdoor weather to not be included as well as the cost for hiring the marquee. There are insurers that would recommend for couples to buy the policy first before they pay or hire anything for the wedding.

There are some things to consider if you want to buy a wedding insurance or not. The level of insurance you are going to buy is dependent on the total cost of your wedding. You can buy as early as two year before the wedding date.

There are policies that will cover you in case you decided not to go through with the wedding but there are limits on how much they will be paying you. The reasons for cancellation must be valid though such as the venue is no longer available due to fire or flood, either of the couple passed away or a close relative, wedding outfits damaged beyond repair or lost and bad weather that almost 50 per cent of the guests will not be able to attend.

There are also insurances for suppliers that will go AWOL on you such as the florist, caterer or the wedding dress designer. The insurer will give you the money you have spent on the supplier or they will be able to cover the cost for a new supplier.

Couples planning to wed will no longer worry about hiring such as looking for chair hire in Melbourne as this will all be covered in the insurance. Make sure you know what is excluded though to save yourself from unnecessary losses.

Business Advantages Of Membership Cards


There are several reasons why companies provide membership cards to its prospects. If you are a company or business that wants to strengthen its hold to its customers, you may consider giving out promotional items, intensifying your marketing strategies or you can also provide perks to your customers by giving out membership cardsand other techniques to retain loyal customers and followers. Some of the most notable advantages of having membership cards include the following:

Provides added value to customers

When you provide membership cards, you offer added value to your customers such as giving out loyalty points that you customers can convert into cash or in exchange of products and services. Membership cards also allow customers avail of discounts with every purchase.

Free advertising

When you provide membership cards to customers, you are also making subtle advertising to your customers and to those who see the card. Unlike traditional advertising from radio and ads which can be fleeting, having a tangible item allows for customers to be constantly reminded of your brand. This way, you can opt to reduce your advertising budget since you already have an indirect promotional item in the form of the membership card.

Better loyalty

Having a membership card encourages your customers to purchase more from you to get more loyalty points or other perks that they can get out of their membership from you. Instead of going for other brands, your customers will choose your product over and over again because they will get something from your product with their every purchase.

Obtain customer data

Another advantage of giving out membership cards is that you will gather more customer information without having to proactively solicit it from them. Some customers may be hesitant to give out personal information when they are proactively collected. However, when they are given a form so they can get a membership card, they are more participative and offers accurate information without much doubt or resistant. With the right information, you can easily analyse and tailor your branding efforts an even your advertising based on your database.