Millennials Discovering Classical Music Through Video Games


According to Classic FM, there is an increasing number of millennials listening to classical music because it has been used a lot in recent video games. The genre is thought to be favored by older listeners but in the latest figures published by Rajar it was found out that there are 449,000 listeners between the age of 15 and 24 while around 1 million who are below 35 years old are listening to the radio station. The main reason is video games purchased either through cheap CD keys, downloaded from online stores or physically bought from shops.

According to station directors and music composers, the main reason for the rise in the number of millennial listeners is the video games they are playing. The latest video games are using classical music for their background as well as film scores. Classic FM is reaping the rewards by introducing a new segment every week that feature a music show for video games and a program focused on film score. This is broadcasts every Saturday night.

Aside from video games, mental health is now getting more attention than before and it is pointed to be one of the reasons why the younger generation is turning to classical music. This is also one of their outlets which let them escape the modern life which can be, most of the time, busy and stressful.

The millennials’ increased interest with classical music is also contributed by mobile applications that help them discover new genre in music. Classic FM’s young composer, Alexis Ffrench, said that the radio company hired presenters that are not only fresh but vibrant like Charlotte Hawkins. He added that the radio program also introduced new segments including High Score which is intended for video game music.

When young people buy cheap CD keys to play new video games, they have no idea that they will be introduced to a new genre called classical music. This is something they shy away from before but through playing they are able to appreciate these old and meaningful pieces. For Classic FM, this rising trend proves to be a success for the business overall.

Tips To Be A Successful Entrepreneur


Leonardo is a renowned banker, entrepreneur, restaurateur, financier and philanthropist. He was the president of the Banco industrial de Venezuela and led the bank through three Government changes. He is the only employee in the bank to raise from a graduate position to the top most position in the bank. He started his own venture in capital markets and turned it into the biggest company in Latin America and the largest brokerage firm in Venezuela. He later shifted to London and now promotes start-ups and advises businessmen and politicians on the advantages of free trade.

If you want to be a successful businessman like Leonardo Gonzalez Dellan, you have to choose the right business to attract customers and provide them with quality services and products. Here are some useful tips to start your own business and be3come successful one day.

  • Learn and improve

If you are unhappy or stuck in a wrong position in your position, learn to stand up for yourself. Take the responsibility for failures instead of blaming others. Focus on improving the business and eliminate the shortcomings.

  • Follow your passion and select the right business

Take example of Leonardo Gonzalez Dellan, who explored the different facets and ultimately followed his passion. Explore your talents and skills and choose the right kind of business suitable for your experience and skills. Also watch the market carefully to know about the current trends and offer value added products and services to the customers to stay ahead of competition.

  • Business plan improves the chances of success

Proper business planning ensures you are on the right path to success.  Business plan helps you to list out your goals and plan for the future with clarity and confidence. The business plan should contain all the objectives and goals and the necessary strategies and action plan to achieve them.

  • Picking the target audience

Picking the target audience for your business is an important aspect of planning. The business should be promoted to suit the requirements of the target audience. Study the market carefully and suit the products or services that are favoured by most of the people or add value to the already existing products.

Consider these steps and select a suitable business and chase your dreams to become a successful entrepreneur like Leonardo Gonzalez Dellan.

Additional Investments From CPPIB And Goodman To Provide GCLP With Significant Funds


Canada Pension Plan Investment Board (CPPIB) and Goodman Group, an Australian industry property manager has announced an additional investment of $1.75 billion to the Chinese logistics venture, Goodman China Logistics Partnership (GCLP). The goal of the additional investment is to increase the total equity commitments of CPPIB and Goodman Group to $5 billion in the joint venture that was formed in 2009.

GCLP makes investments in high quality properties in prime locations across mainland China. Since 2009 when the company was formed, GCLP has organically grown its portfolio to 33 high quality logistics properties comprised of 2.5 million square meters suitable for modern logistics space. According to a joint statement released by CPPIB and Goodman Group, the current occupancy level of the properties is 99%.

GCLP was established through an initial equity commitment of $300 million. Goodman Group and CPPIB have continued to regularly increase their commitment to the partnership by providing additional equity that will support business growth every year since 2012. CPPIB has contributed $1.4 billion while Goodman Group has invested an additional $350 million, consistent to the partnership’s equity structure of 80:20.

According to Kristoffer Harvey, CEO of Goodman Greater China, the additional equity commitment will provide GCLP with the means to develop a land bank and grow its portfolio to more than 5 million square meters in the medium term. Harvey further said that there are a number of acquisition opportunities in due diligence. The increase in equity commitment will provide the significant funds to capitalize on the opportunities.

China is a core area for logistics business because of the growing middle class, the significant increase in ecommerce activities and rapid advancements in technology. Greg Goodman, CEO of Goodman Group hopes that the increased commitment together with the long term partnership with CPPIB will provide enough equity to be able to leverage on the opportunities in the market.

In Europe, there is Tecdis, a specialist logistics company with the right resources to ensure that your equipment is stored securely and delivered on time with technical installation provided efficiently when necessary. Tecdis has market partners across Europe that will provide successful solutions for technical distribution.

Benefits Of Outsourcing Industrial Cleaning


It is very important to maintain cleanliness in the factory floor. The factory set ups tend to get dirty faster than the office environments. Since most of the factories work in shifts for twenty four hours, it is essential to clean them regularly to maintain clean and safe work environment for the employees.

Factories can hire the services of industrial cleaning in Sydney companies for regular cleaning of all the areas in the factory. Some of the advantages of hiring professional cleaning companies are

  1. Factory floor tend to get slippery and dirty due to the spills and leaks from the machinery. Professional industrial cleaning in Sydney services help to maintain clean and slip free floors in the factories. This helps the employers to reduce accidents on the factory floor caused due to slips and falls.
  2. A messy and unorganized factory may be the reason for accidents. The management or the supervisors may fail to identify the threats due to a messy environment. The industrial cleaning companies help to organize the equipment and tools in the factory floor neatly and prevent accidents and mishaps.
  3. A work space tends to get dirty easily. Since the workforce does not take hygiene and sanitation seriously, it tends to become hotbed of disease causing germs. Outsourcing the cleaning to companies providing industrial cleaning in Sydney, helps to disinfect the factory environment regularly. Since the staff of the cleaning company clean the factory premises and all the machinery regularly and disinfect them using high quality disinfectants, the work space becomes clean and healthy. This stops the spread of germs which results in a healthy workforce and reduces absenteeism.
  4. Workers need proper light in order to work. Lighting fixtures covered in dust, reduce the light and make the environment dark. It is required to clean the light fixtures in the factory regularly. The cleaning staff of the industrial cleaning in Sydney company clean all the items in the factory including the machines, tools, light fixtures, floors etc. This improves the light and visibility on the factory floor which helps to reduce errors and accidents.
  5. Waste disposal is an essential part of cleaning. Factories generate a lot of waste and so it is beneficial to hire the services of industrial cleaning in Sydney companies in order to ensure the waste is disposed of properly in an environmentally friendly manner.

Lake Erie’s Depleting Oxygen Levels Pose Danger To Marine Life And Ohioans


Every summer, Lake Erie’s algal blooms usually stay in the Western Basin, but as the water warms up and winds blow from west to east, these algal blooms merge with a different type, albeit less toxic, of algae at the lake’s Central Basin.

Harmful Blooms

Once these algal blooms combine, they form into tons of alge around August to September when it eventually sinks to the bottom. The danger is that once at the bottom, it decomposes, consuming oxygen in the process. This depletes the oxygen level beneath, causing harm to other living organisms.

Beyond Marine Life

Aside from the danger it poses in the marine life in Lake Erie Illustrated Map, these algal blooms also turn the water yellow and smelly, making it unsafe for drinking and survival. It poses a real threat to the marine animals who cannot survive in such environment, and even to people, with millions of residents in the northeast relying on the lake as source of potable water.

Mitigating the Problem

Experts have explained that there is no easy and effective way of getting oxygen into the bottom of the lake. For now, they can only monitor and track the dead zone and its development through buoys and satellite imagery. Water Quality Manager of the Cleveland Water Department Scott Moegling is in charge of doing so.

Using a three-buoy monitoring system in the lake, they monitor its conditions most especially during the warmer climates. The main equipment is a deep-water buoy placed 15 miles away from the shore. They receive data from the buoys, giving them information on the wind speed and direction, as well as water temperature and oxygen levels. The data that they gather is then relayed to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, which have been working on a project to create a forecast system. They have been working on it for five years.

Long-term Problem

The dead zones have been a problem in the lake for hundreds of years now, with phosphates and raw sewage dumped in the area before the Clean Water Act in 1972 was enacted. These areas disappeared for a short period of time, but have come back because of the algal blooms.

Report Shows That Travel Prices To Go Up In 2019


Regardless of whether they’re heading for a business hotel in Rayong or a vacation resort in Ibiza, travellers will spending a little bit more in 2019, according to the recently published fifth iteration of the annual Global Travel Forecast.

The report, made by the Global Business Travel Association (GBTA), and the Carlson Wagonlit Travel (CWT) with support from the Carlson Family Foundation, says that hotel prices will go up by 3.17% in 2019, while flight rates will rise by 2.6%, based on analysis of the growing global economy and rising oil prices.

GBTA COO Michale W. McCormick says that, while most markets do look like they’re in a good position, the downside risks are very much present for the global economy, thanks to the escalation of protectionist policies, the risk of trade wars and the uncertainty brought about by Brexit. He says that their forecast is aimed at giving travel buyers better insight into the global market.

President and CEO of Carlson Wagonlit Travel says that prices are expected to go up in many markets across the world, even as inflation numbers are kept in check. He says that the report studies the data to see the cause and shows what they expect from the key markets across the world, including recommendations.

The paper’s outlook for 2019 stems from an overall increase in air travel across the world, which will then increase demand for rooms. Alongside this is the ever increasing autonomy that travellers get when booking, thanks to the increasing ubiquity of apps from travel managers, allowing for a personalized booking experience, even from a business hotel in Rayong or any corporate hotel.

In the Asia-Pacific region, the report says that prices are likely to go up by around 5.1%, with a large discrepancy across the board; Japan looks to lower its prices by 3.2%, whilst New Zealand looks ready to up its prices by about 11.8%.

Mirroring air pricing, hotel rates across Africa, Europe and the Middle East are fluctuating, with Western Europe looking to rise its numbers by 5.6%, to contrast the 1.9% decline expected from Eastern Europe and the 1.5% drop for the Middle East.

Latin America, meanwhile, are expected to have prices drop by 1.3%, with Argentina, Brazil, Colombia and Venezuela set to drop by 3.5%, 1.9%, 0.7% and 3.4%, respectively, to contrast with Chile, Mexico and Peru, which are all expected to see an increase of 6.4%, 0.6% and 2.1%, respectively.

For North America, hotel prices are expected to go up for both the US and Canada, by 2.7% and 5%, respectively.

Tourists Advised By Tourism Authority Of Thailand To Remain Vigiland Amidst Monsoon Season


The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) advises travellers to regularly check weather updates and follow safety guidelines especially during the monsoon season.

Changing Weather Conditions

Travellers are encouraged to stay updated through the daily forecasts of the Thai Meteorological Department (TMD) regarding storms, heavy rains, flash floods, and mudslide alert, as well as surf forecasts, and monsoon showers. Tour operators are also responsible for keeping up-to-date regarding the weather and decide whether tourist activities should or should not be allowed depending on the weather.

Thailand sees a rougher weather conditions from May to October, with September experiencing most of the rains. Phuket tends to become rainy during this time, and smaller islands are usually closed off during the monsoon season for safety concerns.

Tourist Activities

White-water rafting, ferry rides, snorkelling, bungee jumping, zip lining, mountain trekking, and liveaboard in Thailand are all popular activities among tourists all over the world, but many of them, being outdoor activities, would not be advisable should the weather become unfavourable, Tourists’ safety is a priority, and tourists and tour organisers alike are reminded that remaining vigilant of the weather condition during this time is a shared responsibility everyone bears. While liveaboard in Thailand is not usually organised during the monsoon season, other popular tourist activities may still run, and it is upon the discretion of the tourist and operators whether it should continue or not.

Some activities, like ferry crossings, may still be available, with monsoon rains coming in as short and intense bursts of rain. Tourists are advised to check the weather despite having the tickets paid for already. It is much more beneficial to ride the ferry when the weather is fine as it gets more stable, and the clear skies would allow for a more enjoyable experience.

Some Exceptions

However, there are some areas in Thailand that do not seem to be affected by the monsoon during these times. KoPhangan, KoSamui, and Ko Tao located in the Gulf of Thailand are considered as the nation’s most appealing islands. The weather in these regions remain generally fair, with rains only coming in during the latter part of the year from October, getting stronger by November before it tapers off in January.

How To Choose Roof Tilers In Sydney



Is your roof needing repair or replacement? Are you building a new home which needs tile roofing? You need to find out who or what company is the best choice for your roofing. If you choose roof tilers in Sydney, you’ll find that there are plenty of them offering such service. However, you need to choose those that have the training and experience to do the job. The tilers can supply and install the tile roofing using materials like concrete, slate or terracotta tiles. They can also do your roofing project in any way you want.

To find the right roof tilers in Sydney easily, you need to check a service provider that’s near your area. You can also find them online and choose those that are appropriate for your needs. Ask them for quotes so you can compare prices and features. You can also read reviews and testimonies from those who had experienced their services.

As some of the roof tilers in Sydney supply their own materials, it’s wise to understand how the materials they provide can make a good roofing for your home:

  • Concrete Tiles

If you want a sturdy material that can handle harsh weather conditions, choose concrete tiles. This type of roofing can also be customised to fit your requirements. They are very durable and can often last for several years. Over time, you may notice some cracking, fading or discolouration, but it’s normal. If this is your type of roofing, roof tilers in Sydney can repair, repaint, restore or even replace the concrete tiles.

  • Terracotta Tiles

These are baked tiles, which you can use on roofs for several years. They are eco-friendly, non-combustible, and provide a classy touch on your property. Although they may fade, crack or discolour over time, they are durable materials compared to concrete tiles. Check out a great provider of these products, so you have the exact finish on your roof.

Choose reputable roof tilers in Sydney to provide you high quality tile roofing products for your home. Your preference can make a huge difference. The roof’s aesthetic appeal can indeed enhance the value of your home.

Cloud Technology The Missing Link In UK’s Healthcare Industry


It is well known that cloud computing for healthcare presents a lot of advantages but looking at the result of new research, majority of the healthcare organizations all over the United Kingdom are not even using the technology and the reason is that their leaders are not allowing them to. In a survey conducted by Advance, around one-third of the healthcare organizations that participated in the study revealed that they haven’t used cloud technology before. On the same survey, 66 per cent of the participants said that cloud will not be their priority if they have to choose a new business venture.

Around 29 per cent of the healthcare providers admitted that their leaders are to be blamed as to why they are not able to make use of the latest technology that could otherwise help them improve their productivity. In addition, 62 per cent have said that they require more support from the head of the management if they wanted to make use of cloud technology and enjoy its benefits. There are a few, 15 per cent, that decided to use the technology regardless if the IT department is okay with the decision or not.

Advanced’s managing director for health and care, Ric Thompson, said that cloud technology is needed in the healthcare industry in order to improve security, create better connections and hike up the productivity. The sad fact is that the survey revealed that there are still many healthcare organizations that are still not onboard with the new technology. According to the plans of the government, they desire for the NHS services to become paperless in two years time and one way to make this possible is through the use of cloud-based technology.

Thompson added that it is high time that healthcare organizations should adapt cloud technology in order for it to become a norm in the coming years. The problem is that many of the leaders are not welcoming with this new change. It is undeniable that there are leaders that do not desire for their organization to progress thus they are stopping the use of such technology. When someone takes in charge of clouding computing for healthcare in an organization, the rest will follow suit.

How To Choose The Right Chiropractor


Chiropractors treat a variety of musculoskeletal disorders using spine adjustment and other procedures. Chiropractic treatments are alternate therapy for pain management. With the increasing popularity of chiropractic treatments due to the number of benefits, the number of chiropractors is also on the rise.

It is very important to choose the right chiropractor in western Sydney, to get the perfect treatment for your condition and recover from it. Here are some guidelines to help you choose the right chiropractor.

  1. Ask for referrals from family, friends and colleagues. This should be your first step in searching for chiropractors in your area. Happy patients willingly share details about their preferred chiropractor in Western Sydney, with their friends and family. You can also speak with your family physician or healthcare provider. They have a list of chiropractors and other medical professionals, who they work closely with. You can also check the list of alternate medicine providers at your local health clinic.
  2. Use Google and other search engines to search for reputed chiropractors in your neighbourhood. You can visit the websites of different chiropractic clinics in your locality and know about the services offered by them.
  3. Research about the different chiropractic techniques used by chiropractors around the world. You can discuss the efficiency of the treatments in treating your condition during your initial appointment with the chiropractor in western Sydney and choose a treatment plan that works effectively.
  4. Shortlist a couple of chiropractors and research about their reputation and background. The chiropractor in western Sydney, should be properly licensed to offer care to the patients. He should not have any disciplinary actions for malpractices against him.
  5. Request for initial appointment. Visit the clinic in person and discuss your problem with the chiropractor. Visiting the clinic in person helps you to see the overall condition of the clinic, the facilities available at the clinic and the exact location of the clinic. Ask questions about the chiropractor’s qualification and experience. Know about his success rate in treating conditions similar to yours.
  6. Know about the charges of the treatment. Most of the chiropractors charge per session while some charge for the whole treatment. Ask about the treatment charges during the initial appointment. Use the price quotation as one of the factors to choose the chiropractor.
  7. Finally select a reputed and professional chiropractor in western Sydney, who is trustworthy and easy to work with. He should be willing to suggest a best treatment plan that works in your interest.