Cruising With A Private Boat Charter In Phuket


There is a growing number of private boat charter in Phuket to enjoy the breath-taking islands and its coastlines. When it comes to ocean-based leisure pursuits, Europe and the Caribbean rank first in the luxury yachting scenery. However, the winds have now shifted gently to Thailand, where a fascinating marine life remains comparatively unexplored, allowing boat owners and charter guests to experience the most panoramic underwater scenery and undisturbed sea life.

The islands in the Gulf of Thailand and the Andaman Sea are the most stunning in the world. Yacht owners and charter companies have a wide variety of marinas and cruising destinations for incomparable boating vacations. The global wealth has shifted to the East and a number of Asian boat buyers are on the rise with international travellers taking advantage of Phuket’s main attractions. They have combined private boat charter in Phuket with some holiday villas to entice more tourists and travellers to try these out.

The seawaters of the Thai Gulf are more sheltered, and thus, they offer more peaceful and comfortable cruising conditions all year round. Skippers have a vast array of magnificent, often deserted island destinations to sail to. Thanks to the boat-friendly coastal geography, they can anchor the boats in many of the Thai Gulf’s protected bays, despite the lack of marinas. KohSamui may be a small island but it’s proud of its sophisticated facilities and services. Guests can also enjoy regular daily flights and even the country’s international hubs. The island is also famed as a boutique destination with private villas pairing with private boat charters so guests can enjoy a luxurious vacation both on land and sea.

When it comes to marine activities, the Koh Samui island can easily match the tourist spots on land with inviting options for day tours and longer cruises. The uninhabited islands of the Angthong Marine Park, which was famed by the novel ‘The Beach’, is just an hour away by motor yacht. The legendary Full Moon Party at the Koh Phangan is even closer. Scuba divers can choose to go to Koh Tao and enjoy the underwater playground with diverse marine life, towering landscapes and colourful coral reefs. Some private boat charter in Phuket can have gentle day cruises where people can swim and snorkel in many of the hidden coves.

How Amazon’s Capabilities And Services Impact On Ecommerce Logistics


The trend today is high tech logistics that provides customers with an opportunity to know precisely what is happening at every stage of the logistics project and control it. An in-house software, IT support and reporting capability differentiate a tech-driven logistics company from its competitors in the industry. The key word today in the logistics industry is innovation to enhance services and strengthen management capabilities.

In the past, consumers would go to a store when they need stuff for the home. Now they go online to purchase for goods and this changed the world of ecommerce logistics. There was an increase in forward stocking in ecommerce fulfilmentcentres. Now, logistics has to take care of products while they travel from port to distribution centre to fulfilmentcentre and finally to the customer. The changes in logistics from getting orders to ensuring that they are fulfilled is driving logistics costs higher and at the same time, it creates opportunities for 3PLs or third party logistics.

Ecommerce is the fast growing sector of 3PL market as proven by reports that 2017 ecommerce accounted for at least $12.8 billion of the $185.7 billion 3PL market in the US. It is expected that figures will rise to $20.9 billion by 2020. However, the difficult part in the 3PL market is how to make money.

Amazon has pretty much driven the expectations of consumers regarding free shipping and the 2-day service. In order for 3PL to make money and satisfy customers, good strategies must be developed. Ecommerce logistics is different from traditional value-added warehousing and distribution because a lot can happen from outbound less-than-truckload to full-truckload movements to meet consumer demands.

In terms of strategy, there must be emphasis on technology to streamline operations and enhance the required abilities to handle business. There are challenges that have to be overcome depending on the product that moves through the supply chain.

No two customers are the same, hence the need for high tech logistics to meet and comply with varying areas of customer demand. Technology provides logistics companies with a competitive advantage because it can restructure the entire distribution setup and achieve higher levels of service with lower supply chain costs.

Difference Between Neoprene And Neosupreme Seat Covers


Sear covers are important accessories that enhance the visual appeal and ambience of the interiors of a vehicle. Selecting a proper material for seat covers is a very important task in the process of creating custom seat covers. Neoprene and Neosupreme are two of the most popular materials for designing seat covers. Though both of the names sound similar, they have different characteristics.

It is very important to know the differences between the neoprene and Neosupreme seat covers to make a right decision during the seat cover designing process and to avoid being misled by the dealers.

Neoprene seat covers

Neoprene is a synthetic polymer and a durable material. It is the fabric used to manufacture wet suits for scuba divers and is famous for its water proof quality. The neoprene fabric is highly durable and is scratch resistant. The strong material protects the original seats from regular wear and tear and offers maximum comfort to the users. Neoprene seat covers are made to order and fit the seats like a dream. The installation process is very simple and does not require any tools. The seat covers are easy to maintain and can be washed using mild shampoo or detergent.

Though there are many advantages, neoprene seat covers are a bit expensive. High quality neoprene is an expensive material. Since neoprene fabric is thick, it requires heavy duty, industrial sewing machines to hold the seams correctly and place stitches. All the special tools and techniques further increase the cost of the seat covers.

Neosupreme seat covers

Neosupreme seat covers are an attractive and cheaper alternative to Neoprene covers. The Neosupreme fabric replicates all the qualities of Neoprene. The fabric is similar to Neoprene in functional as well as aesthetic aspects. Seat covers designed using neosupreme are equally durable and water proof.

Neosupreme seat covers are used as a cheaper substitute for neoprene because the faux fabric is less costly when compared to neoprene, the faux neoprene fabric contains a backing and is easy to stitch and offers a perfect glove like fit to the seats.

Both Neoprene and Neosupreme seat covers offer the same aesthetics and functionality. It is also very difficult to differentiate between the two fabrics. Most of the manufacturers dupe the buyers by supplying neosupreme seat covers in place of neoprene. It is very important to have a good knowledge of the characteristics of both the materials to be able to differentiate between neoprene and neosupreme and avoid being duped by dealers.

Why Need A Washington State Tax ID?


Everyone operating a business or working in Washington will need a Washington state tax ID for tax purposes. These business activities must be indicated in the federal returns. Which returns and when it’s due will have to rely on your entity selections. If a single member of an LLC or a sole proprietor, you need to accomplish schedule C of the individual tax return, or it can go to a different tax return. If you only have expenses with no revenues, you still need to accomplish a return to determine the loss for this year or to initiate a net operating loss.

Revenue Tax: The Washington state tax ID will show all your taxes on total revenues. Some cities in the area require the same taxes. The returns may be submitted monthly, quarterly or annually. Based on your state and city, the frequency can be determined through what information you placed on the business license application. A reputable professional can help you complete the returns more frequently as needed. Tax rates will vary on your business type. Many service organizations pay state revenue taxes of 1.5% on their gross sales.

Sales Tax: Washington state requires a sales tax on the retail sale of actual goods and many services. This tax is reported in the similar revenue return as mentioned above. Hence, you can submit it monthly, quarterly or annually. The rates will vary according to your location

Other State Taxes: The state requires other types of taxes on specific group of companies.  For instance, refuse collection, tobacco products, public utilities, hotel/motel taxes. You may need to approach a tax professional regarding the taxes most suited for your company.

Employment Taxes: The government will offer you few more rolls of red tape when hiring your first employee. Both the federal and state government require a wide range of taxes for businesses that have employees.

Federal Employment Taxes: For this reason, you will need to have a Washington state tax ID to complete quarterly employment tax returns. The deadline for the returns is every last day of the month of the succeeding quarter. The return will inform IRS how much income tax you withheld from your workers, the social security and Medicare you withheld, and your share as an employer to the social security and Medicare.

EMV Chips To Enhance The Security Of Credit Cards

To protect against fraud, U.S. banks will be issuing credit cards with small computer chips. But some experts say using a PIN to complete a transaction is more secure than a signature.

One of the first things that a person will ask about Cash Card (บัตรกดเงินสด) is the application process and the payment terms. The application process is pretty straightforward because it can be done online while the monthly payment terms allow the customer 3 options: pay the minimum, pay as much or pay as you go. Pay the minimum depends on how much the company requires.

Merchants require the signature of their customers to verify their credit card transactions. This practice is now being eliminated by major card companies like Discover, Visa, MasterCard and American Express. According to industry blog, credit card companies have started to issue cards with EMV chips in the US two years ago as a better alternative to the magnetic stripes that contain the customer’s account information.

The change has been in the works for some time to minimize the risks of credit card fraud. The EMV chips have certainly relieved merchants of the pressure of verifying the customer’s signature against the signature that appears at the back of the card. Signatures offer very little protection and there are merchants who overlook checking whether the signature matches.

The EMV chips used today on both debit and credit cards are pretty complex. The chips are encrypted to make it more difficult to skim. However, as merchants, consumers and issuers adjust to the changes, it is important to expect some new problems and scams.

Fraudsters can be very resourceful so that credit card issuers have to review the effectiveness of the chips. There is no such thing today as foolproof because fraudsters will always find a way to attack the security of the chips. There are a few instances of skimming in the era of EMV chips. A duplicate card reader is attached to an ATM machine or other points of sale that scan the card’s magnetic stripes for information.

If you are tech savvy, you can apply for Cash Card (บัตรกดเงินสด) through mail. Fill in all the information required on a hard copy of the application form, attach all the supporting documents and send it to the Credit Approval Centre of the cash card issuer. To receive a cash card immediately, you can apply at the nearest branch office.

How You Can Promote Your Organization With A Map Illustration


A map illustration will depict an approach to designing maps that creates style or a design element. They are more attention getting than regular maps and can be utilized for several reasons including countryside walks or visitor attractions.

These maps have been designed in a very creative way and are magnificently illustrated for an individual to take a look at a visitor attraction or city guide for example. They can also be made 3D if you really want to be extra creative.

The perspective maps can be ordered with a 360-degree angles or views from above a historic building or a tourist attraction. You can design creatively the interpretative leaflets, so visitors can find their way around a countryside area or a specific place.

The map illustration can be hand-drawn to customized requirements and may contain pictures and illustrations. They can be created digitally using a computer or hand-painted using watercolors for a modern yet simple design. There are many possibilities in creating your chosen creative maps.

They can be utilized to promote a specific attraction or organization, and to provide efficient orientation. The design and quality will help advertise an organization in question. You can utilize it as a country park guide. The park map design is popularly used to make the location illustrated well especially the countryside areas.

Creative mapping can also be utilized for rural, urban, and heritage usages. For instance, you want to illustrate cities, towns, theme parks, woodlands, zoos, wetlands, reservoirs, gardens, waterways, lakes, sports and play areas, golf courses and islands, and many other tourist attractions and destinations.

Organizations that use a map illustration as leaflets include government departments, local authorities, parish councils, heritage organizations, countryside charities and commercial visitor attractions. These maps provide a wealth of information for any visitor to the area. They also make great souvenirs for people who want to take them home after seeing tourist attractions.

The map illustration should be your answer when you want to provide vital information to a visitor or client and promote your organization. They can be customized according to your unique requirements. So if you really need a new leaflet for your company, choose a well-designed map illustration for your needs.

Reasons ToBook Stay At The 4 Star Leisure Hotel In Sukhumvit


Visitors to Bangkok prefer to stay in hotels located on the Sukhumvit road. The presence of a number of tourist attractions, easy accessibility through metro and sky train stations and the presence of a number of commercial complexes, housing some of the famous multinational companies is the reason behind the popularity of Sukhumvit road.

Visitors prefer to book their stay in the resort style leisure hotel on Sukhumvit road, which is located close to the Asoke and Sukhumvit mass transit stations. The hotel has a location advantage as it is walking distance away from some of the popular attractions of Sukhumvit road like the Terminal 21, BenjasiriPark, Soi cowboy, Erawan temple, Korean town and so on.

The popular leisure hotel in Sukhumvit also offers the bestworld-class amenities like fully equipped fitness centre, swimming pool, shuttle service, valet parking, concierge service and travel assistance. The staff at the hotel welcome the guests with a warm Thai hospitality and makes them feel at home. The hotel also has all- day dining restaurant offering Thai and international cuisine in a sophisticated setting. The poolside bar serves a variety of food and drinks for the guests willing to relax by the pool.

The tastefully designed rooms of the leisure hotel in Sukhumvit offer an oasis of comfort and luxury. There are number of room categories available to suit the requirements of business travellers, leisure travellers and families. The hotel offers 5 room choices like Slender room, Cool room, Studio G, Galleria Club suites and Garden G. All the rooms are tastefully decorated and offer a modern feel. The spacious rooms are equipped with modern in-room amenities like free Wi-Fi, LCD television with satellite channels, Tea and coffee making facilities, hairdryer, hot and cold water showers and other toiletries in the bathrooms and luxurious king size or twin bedding.

Guests can benefit from the exclusive offers provided by the popular 4 star hotel in Sukhumvit on room tariffs and other amenities. The special deals and seasonal rates are very attractive and allow the travellers to enjoy the luxuries of the 4 star hotel at affordable, pocket- friendly prices.

There is no reason to wait, go ahead and book stay in Bangkok at the luxurious leisure hotel in Sukhumvit and create beautiful memories of your vacation.



Acer Moving To Support Smart City Development In Thailand


ACER Computer is moving to expand beyond merely selling computers, parts, and PC motherboard in Thailand as they’re moving to support to the development of smart cities, and already set lofty expectations for its ESG (Enterprise Solutions Group).

With the region focusing on expansion, the company decided to respond by setting up its first service centre in Myanmar. Expectations for the new service centre and the region is already quite high, as the company expects to rake in more from Thailand with a set target for revenue growth of 15-20% by the end of 2018.

ACER Computer Managing Director for Thailand and Indochina, Alan Chiang, said that the company has looked to smart city solutions as an important venture for the company, and, consequently, it would focus on relevant technology and developments, such smart economy, smart government, smart living, smart mobility and smart people solutions.

The company won’t be moving away from the things that it built itself on, so no worries for anyone looking for a PC motherboard in Thailand, as the company is only expanding its scope, looking to the new development focus of IT.

According to Chiang, 2018 marks the first year that ACER will be focusing on smart city developments for the global market. It is already expecting revenue from those and the enterprise solutions group amounting to 10% of the company’s total revenue by the end of 2018.

As mentioned before, the company is only expanding, as its core business in Thailand will continue to be the manufacture and sales of PCs and notebooks, which account for about 70% of the company’s revenue in the country.

The company’s Marketing Director, NitipatPraweenwongwuthi, says that the PC and notebook shipments would see some flat growth in 2018, somewhere around 5-10%, which is 20% less compared to 2017’s growth.

The firm is also aimed at securing a total revenue growth of 15-20% by the end of 2017, with accessories and peripherals accounting for the second largest cut of the company profits, at a distant 20%. The new business from the smart city developments and the ESG should account for 10%, should everything go smoothly.

How Wellness Resort In Chiang Mai Can Soothe And Relax Your Mind And Body


Thailand is notably one of the best tourist destination in southeast Asia. It offers a nice tropical climate, warm beaches and sumptuous food, which are the reasons why travellers love to come here. It is also here that you find famous landscapes, monuments and ancient temples. In Chiang Mai for instance, you are offered a peaceful paradise for your holiday. You will be directed to a wellness resort in Chiang Mai to relax and unwind from the usual busy city life back home.

In spa resorts, you get to relax, de-stress and rejuvenate, while making the most of your free time. These places offer you various spa therapies, pamper sessions and holistic activities. Furthermore, it’s a chance to take in the local culture and natural beauty. The wellness resort in Chiang Mai can provide you a variety of signature spa treatments, like the following:

  • Practice Yoga: Everyone knows that yoga is important for the mind and body. Yet, people find it hard to devote time to learning and practicing the exercise. Once you are in a spa resort, you learn yoga with a trained instructor and practice it under his guidance. This will make you calm and energized. You can then practice the exercise when you get back home.


  • De-stress: You can be soothed and relaxed when you have a therapeutic massage. You can slip into you robe and immerse yourself in a sauna steam shower or hot tub and feel rejuvenated and relaxed. This is a healthier way to deal with stress.


  • Healthy Meals: Food served at a wellness resort in Chiang Mai are healthy and nutritious. There is no need to be careful with your diet in a regular routine as you can start eating healthier while staying in this resort. You can then modify your lifestyle and practice it when you get back home.


  • Recovery: As you are situated in a peaceful and relaxing environment, you can relax your mind as well. You can take private walks which allow you to be relieved from the usual setting. Therapists in wellness resort in Chiang Mai are experienced in guiding inner peace and relaxation.

Riverside County Rejects Expansion To Drug Rehab Facility


The recent submission by a 6-bed drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility located in California’s Wine Country was advertised by the Riverside County’s Planning Commission, which might suggest that the expansion of this Socal Drug Rehab facility was guaranteed. Except it’s not, because the County Board of Supervisors rejected it hard.

The Riverside County Board of Supervisors voted late this March on the recommendation from the planning commission, and decided it to unanimously decided to reject the application for expansion in the clearest terms possible, with 5-0 voting for the decision in opposition to the submission. The submissions in question being the expansion of the Socal Drug Rehab facility located in a gated residence, as well as the hiring of additional workers and staff to handle the increased load.

The  rejection is in favor of the agenda of a notable local coalition, with members including winery owners, neighboring residents and even real estate professionals, who rejected the submission on the grounds that only smaller rehab facilities are allowed by right in or near residential zones due to the state of California considering residential zone inhabitants as a protected class.

The facility in question, operated by the Southern California Addiction Center group, is housed at 36500 De Portola Road, inside a 10.4 acre lot housing a 7,384ft2 home. It is only one of many similar rehab facilities across the region operated by the Southern California Addiction Center.

The meeting was held on the 27th of March, with supervisors listening to members from the coalition and their arguments to reject the proposal, which took the application apart piece-by-piece to show the Board of Supervisors why they thought the proposal would not match the county government’s plans for Wine Country, with supporters of the facility, ex-patients sharing their stories and how the facility managed to help them acting as the opposition. It was at that meeting that the supervisors came to a decision, and rejected the proposal.

Real estate appraiser and President of the Temecula Valley Winegrowers Association, Danny Martin, says that this victory was a relief, and looks forward to the county counsel’s work on revising zoning rules for the area that will prevent any similar proposals in the agricultural region.