Why Couples Need To Consider Wedding Insurance


Weddings are known to be expensive all over the world. There are many things to spend on such as the expensive reception venue, the catering, the dress and the littlest details such as looking for chair hire in Melbourne. How do you deal when something tragic goes wrong during your wedding day? How will you cope if the venue was covered in flood or the caterer did not show or worst, your wedding dress was damaged?

Wedding insurance are made in order for the couple to receive something in case unexpected things happen but there are also things not covered by many wedding insurance including huge sum of money, honeymoon and cold feet.

It is also common for extreme outdoor weather to not be included as well as the cost for hiring the marquee. There are insurers that would recommend for couples to buy the policy first before they pay or hire anything for the wedding.

There are some things to consider if you want to buy a wedding insurance or not. The level of insurance you are going to buy is dependent on the total cost of your wedding. You can buy as early as two year before the wedding date.

There are policies that will cover you in case you decided not to go through with the wedding but there are limits on how much they will be paying you. The reasons for cancellation must be valid though such as the venue is no longer available due to fire or flood, either of the couple passed away or a close relative, wedding outfits damaged beyond repair or lost and bad weather that almost 50 per cent of the guests will not be able to attend.

There are also insurances for suppliers that will go AWOL on you such as the florist, caterer or the wedding dress designer. The insurer will give you the money you have spent on the supplier or they will be able to cover the cost for a new supplier.

Couples planning to wed will no longer worry about hiring such as looking for chair hire in Melbourne as this will all be covered in the insurance. Make sure you know what is excluded though to save yourself from unnecessary losses.

Business Advantages Of Membership Cards


There are several reasons why companies provide membership cards to its prospects. If you are a company or business that wants to strengthen its hold to its customers, you may consider giving out promotional items, intensifying your marketing strategies or you can also provide perks to your customers by giving out membership cardsand other techniques to retain loyal customers and followers. Some of the most notable advantages of having membership cards include the following:

Provides added value to customers

When you provide membership cards, you offer added value to your customers such as giving out loyalty points that you customers can convert into cash or in exchange of products and services. Membership cards also allow customers avail of discounts with every purchase.

Free advertising

When you provide membership cards to customers, you are also making subtle advertising to your customers and to those who see the card. Unlike traditional advertising from radio and ads which can be fleeting, having a tangible item allows for customers to be constantly reminded of your brand. This way, you can opt to reduce your advertising budget since you already have an indirect promotional item in the form of the membership card.

Better loyalty

Having a membership card encourages your customers to purchase more from you to get more loyalty points or other perks that they can get out of their membership from you. Instead of going for other brands, your customers will choose your product over and over again because they will get something from your product with their every purchase.

Obtain customer data

Another advantage of giving out membership cards is that you will gather more customer information without having to proactively solicit it from them. Some customers may be hesitant to give out personal information when they are proactively collected. However, when they are given a form so they can get a membership card, they are more participative and offers accurate information without much doubt or resistant. With the right information, you can easily analyse and tailor your branding efforts an even your advertising based on your database.

Banksy Artwork Turned Into Toronto Public Art


For those interested in Banksy prints and his street art, the anonymous artist’s documentary/tour of Toronto Exit Through the Gift Shop, is somewhat poignant due to the fact that very few of the pieces created by the artist remain in the city. The good news is, one of these surviving artworks is now safe, gracing the walkways of the PATH in Toronto.

Guard With Balloon Dog, a piece by the Bristol-based street artist Banksy, and appraised at approximately US$850,000 is now part of a public art display in Toronto’s Downtown Pedestrian Walkway, known as the PATH. The exhibit is located right next to One York Street, just north of Harbour Street.

The artwork, which once graced the facade of an office building at 90 Harbour St., was once accompanied by surrounding graffiti and other street art. The building was later purchased by local developer Menkes Development Ltd., who demolished the site and redeveloped it into a large-scale residential condominium unit, featuring two towers, the Harbour Plaza, as well as a commercial building, the One York. The artwork itself was kept safe by the company under lock and key, hidden from prying eyes since December of 2014, and only recently returned to the public’s view.

Jared Menkes, vice-president of Menkes Development Ltd., made his statement, saying that the art was made by Banksy for the public, which is why the company saved it, and is now returning it to the public for them to enjoy.

The Banksy art is part of an art installation designed Johnson Chou, entitled Speculum. The mural is reflected in the PATH walkway, with a space for the public to admire the piece as they walk. Mr. Chou has explained the design behind the installation, wherein the art is initially seen via glass that distorts it, resulting in a somewhat strange viewing experience.

The Banksy mural, and Speculum, is located in the PATH walkway that connects the Harbour Plaza and the One York buildings.

The other surviving Banksy piece is located in an alleyway in Toronto, near The Esplanade. Banksy pieces, such as artworks and Banksy prints, are estimated at high values globally, due in part to the rarity of commercial prints.

How To Choose For A Medical Insurance In Thailand


You can find a lot of medical insurance providers in Thailand. However, you just have to be sure that the plan that you are seriously considering is comprehensive. Take a closer look at the different plans and check their websites to ensure everything you require in relation to your medical needs would be provided by the medical insurance in Thailand. Here are some of the details that you need to check to help you arrive at a good decision.

Offers more comprehensive insurance plans

Check the plans offered by the insurance provider. Note that there are different types of insurances. There are insurance companies that specialize in car and property insurance while there are those that focus on health and medication plans. There are also insurance companies that offer all types of insurance coverage that you can think of. Some of the coverages available are for car, health, medical, accident, life, travel, motorcycle and home insurance. By getting all you need in a single insurance provider, you only coordinate with one company for all your insurance needs.

Affordable insurance policies

Another point to look for in a medical insurance in Thailand is if they offer reasonable rates for the insurance coverages. Ask for cost estimates from different service providers to determine which of them offersmore value for your money. Do not just focus on the price but on the inclusions of the policy and the extent of its coverage.Choose an insurance provider that offers coverage without charging more for the services. It would also be best to opt for a company that has an excellent customer service.

Money-back guarantee

Consider a medical insurance in Thailand that offers guarantee to your money. With money-back guarantee, this means that your money will be refunded if you are not satisfied with the service provided to you. You will get 100% of your money back. There are insurance companies that offer 100% money back guarantee if you find a cheaper deal from another insurance provider. Read reviews and customer testimonials for better experience with the company.

4 Effective Ways On How To Get Insurance Leads For Free


One of the main goals of companies and businesses is to attract more traffic to their website and ultimately convert these site visitors to customers and promoters. However, before you convert traffic into sales, you need to know how to get insurance leads for free in order to have site visitors to begin with. To generate leads or basic information of your target customers, take a look at these ideas.


To generate leads, come up with an updated blogsite with rich and relevant content that will have your prospects coming back for new ideas and information on a regular basis. With the use of online tools such as Google Analytics, you will find out the number of site visitors you get including who visits your sites or the people who are interested with your content. You can start from the information and tap those individuals who visit your site as a way of reinforcing their initial interest with your brand.

Social media advertising

You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to popularize your brand when you know how to get insurance leads for free. Identify who your targets are and find out what social media sites or pages do they normally spend time interacting ad checking. If you have this information, participate in the discussions and subtly inject your brand during the engagement.

Email newsletters

When you have your client’s information, send out regular newsletters for them to remain updated with your products and services. This will also make your presence in their online world a more prominent one. If you send out relevant updates, there is a good possibility that your clients will recommend you to their circle of friends due to the benefits they get from your newsletter.

Local directories

Another way on how to get insurance leads for free is by putting your business in online yellow pages or web directories and classified websites. These types of directories do not require websites from their contributors. All you need to provide is your business name, address and phone.

3 Things To Consider When Buying School Chairs For Kids


The chairs used by children inside the classroom are some of the most important furniture found inside an academic setting. Children spend 70% of their time on chairs while in school so it is essential for you to pick the right set of furniture. Choose chairs that provide comfort and promote better absorption of knowledge and support the learning abilities and children’s concentration. To get the right school chairs for kids, here are some ideas.

Safe furniture for kids

One of the major considerations in choosing school furniture such as chairs is the child’s safety while using it.Children become the school’s responsibility the moment they are sent to school by their parents. Thus, it becomes your responsibility to provide for amenities that will support their well-being. Avoid tapered or pointed furniture that may cause accidents or injuries. If you plan to buy plastic school chairs for kids, check the materials to avoid buying plastic chairs with toxic materials. Check the height of the chairs to ensure that the students will not slouch or crane to do their school activities.

Positive customer feedback

Another thing to consider when buying school furniture is the feedback of customers on the supplier. Look for customer feedback on the supplier’s online shop or you can also check forums and discussion boards for related discussions and information regarding furniture suppliers for school items.

Choose furniture packages

You don’t have to spend more than your budget allows just to have the type of furniture that you want for your students. You can check on money-saving deals found from the websites of online suppliers ofschool chairs for kids. When you visit a supplier’s online shop, check the special offers for discounted items. You can also ask the supplier for excellent offers that you can get from them in order to save money. Find out if they have packages that can suit your budget. If your budget can allow it, buy items in bulk instead of buying them apiece. List down everything you need and buy them from a single supplier.

Qualities Of A Reputable Health &Safety Specialist

2/9/15 Leo Njongmeta, senior biological safety specialist, Environmental Health and Safety Office

There are several reasons why you would need a health & safety specialist. Aside from the fact that it is a legal requirement for a business or organization to undergo health and safety audit, it would also ensure the safety of your employees as well as your office premises. You can find these specialists on the internet as well as from companies that offer the services. To help you hire the right specialist, look for the following qualities:

Affiliation with a reputable health and safety company

One of the things that you should check is the affiliation of a specialist to a reputable company. Find out if the specialist is employed by a reliable service provider and validate this with the company. Although you can hire an independent health and safety specialist, it would be better if you would hire one who is connected with a company so you can be sure that you will be given with the right technology and system that would enhance the safety of your systems including the physical structure of your office.

Expertise in the industry

Another excellent quality of a health & safety specialist is his expertise in the field. Hire one who has been conducting trainings and has been facilitating activities that promote safety in the workplace and the mitigation of health and workplace hazards. You might want to check on the number of trainings he conducted and the organizations he has provided with his expertise. Find a specialist in the field who has been in the business for more than 10 years. You might also want to ask for feedback from the previous clients of the specialist.

Professional conduct before clients

When you invited the health & safety specialist, take note if he appears on your schedule on time with his the business proposals he prepared. Aside from timeliness, he should be able to present how he intends to conduct the project including the trainings, tools and systems that would help in promoting a safe and secure workplace as well as healthy environment for your employees.

Booking Tips For Hotel Near All Seasons Building


All Seasons building is a major attraction around Bangkok. You can find expensive shops and elegant restaurants in the area so you will not be bored while in the area. You can do binge shopping in their world class shopping malls or in their local souvenir shops and markets. There are more to Bangkok than ancient temples and ruins because they have ultra-modern shopping malls. Thailand is known for its hip fashion trends that can only be found in Bangkok and to be right where Asia’s fashion hub is, book at a hotel near All Seasons building. All Seasons building is found at the heart of Bangkok. If you want to experience fun shopping in Bangkok, check out their huge shopping malls and night markets. At the same time, if you want to experience the majesty of their old temples and ruins, Bangkok can also offer it by visiting the nearby towns that mostly host those breath-taking beauties.

Bangkok is a busy city all year round but there are low seasons where you can get accommodations at a much lower rate. If you intend to visit Thailand during peak season, make sure to book early at a hotel near All Seasons building to ensure that you will have a place to stay when you visit Thailand. Most hotels in the area have high star ratings but these ratings do not necessarily mean that these hotels are overly expensive. In fact, you can find affordable 4 or 5 star hotels if you would just look at the right places and browse the internet thoroughly. You can also check for promos at the hotel’s website for great deals.

If you can schedule your trip during off season, you can book a hotel accommodation at a lower rate. Find out what months are considered off peak in Bangkok and book your accommodation during this period. To find affordable hotel near All Seasons building, visit different websites to compare rates. You should also refer to testimonials for ideas as to which hotel should you book for better value for your money.

How To Choose Performance Management Software

businessman hand working with new modern computer and business strategy as concept

You are an organization that wants to seek improvement in the way you manage your systems and perform your duties, one of the things that you can do is obtain performance management software that your top level employees down to the last units can utilize. The use of performance management systems have changed the way services are delivered within organizations. Services and job executions have become efficient because there is effective time and resources management. If you are looking for software to help your organization, here are some tips that you can use in your selection process.

Provided by an expert team

No matter how effective a performance management software is, if it is not handed down to your organization by a team of experts who knows exactly how to utilize the software effectively and efficiently, the software may not be able to work optimally for you. Choose a team of experts who will give you critical advice on how to efficiently utilize the software for the entire organization to use. The team could conduct sessions on how to use the software including its functions and may also provide resources and reading materials or manuals that the organization can refer to every now and then. They should also be available for future consultations and professional advice.


Software and similar products are generally pricey because you are paying for expertise and product of extensive research and technical knowledge. However, you don’t have to spend excessively for it. Check the websites of different service providers or talk to their representatives to get ideas on the average rates for the product including the services. Reading reviews will also help you narrow down your options.

Easy to use

One of the features of a performance management software that you should look for is its ease of usability. Having an excellent and efficient software would be futile if your employees do not understand how the system works and how to effectively use it to your organizations advantage. Choose a type of software that is user-friendly with clear and simple interface.

Latest Bathroom Trends To Improve Your Space

Simple Latest Bathroom Trends Wood Like Wall Tiles For Bathrooms Current Bathroom Trends Compeloco - Home Interior Living Room

The bathroom used to be just a practical room in the house. Many considered it as a place where you can wash up and stay clean then leave as soon as you are done. Not many homeowners give as much effort in picking the bathroom basins as when picking a kitchen cabinet. Nowadays, the bathroom is considered as a living space that homeowners enjoy and it is the first thing buyers look at when house hunting. Here are the latest trends to keep in mind:

  • Gone are the days when bathroom resembles a clean white box. Now it follows the purposeful environment concept thus textures are in along with the use of natural materials. This is preferred especially for floors and walls and even bathroom furniture.
  • For this year 2017, the color according to Pantone is Greenery and it only strengthens the concept that nature is the center of today’s trend in interior design. When used in the bathroom, there are many ways nature can be embodied such as wallpaper with jungle or flowery themes. For something easy to do, you can visit your local garden center and buy plants such as ferns and leafy species.
  • Say goodbye to white and welcome darker colors for your bathroom. Majority of bathroom fixtures that are dark colored are those that come with a modern design.
  • Architectures with soft, free-flowing shapes can be paired with different textured materials such as wood, woodgrains and bamboo. Add in some extra elements with more textures in the form of towels and naturals rugs but the colors should be in neutral. This combination will give your bathroom a warm ambiance and an inviting vibe.
  • One more popular bathroom designs nowadays is the ethnic style. With this style come interior ideas such as tropical plants, bathtubs that are sink-in and crystals. If you want some inspiration, you can check out images in Instagram.
  • Another trend to look out for is curves. It could be in anything such as the bathroom basins, the curved tub or the sculptured shower unit. You can also pair them with cabinets that have rounded shapes as well as bathroom accessories that are curved.